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Things they say

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carla Sun 18-Apr-04 15:05:44

I know there's another thread on this somewhere, but I'll be so sad when dd2 stops asking for her 'crap book. Likewise when dd1 wanted to '(f)uck her dummy.

Angeliz Sun 18-Apr-04 15:20:35

LOL Carla, a few good ones from my dd recently aged 3.

"I'm looking at my infection" (in the mirror)

"Oh there's a creature injecting me" ???in the garden

"I'm going for a wee in a foxtrot"????????????????

"Quick as a wink"

I have no idea where she gets them all from but she does make me laugh

Love the crap book

Nutcracker Sun 18-Apr-04 15:27:12

My dd2 had me in fits of laughter, telling me that she went on a treasure hunt at nursery, looking for cocks (she can't pronounce her L's.

My grandad asked Dd1 where Santa comes from and she said The north east

Dd1 also kept on asking me how you spelt 'apull'. I hadn't a clue what she was on about so asked her what she wanted the whol sentance to say, answer ??
Once apull a time

Flip Sun 18-Apr-04 15:30:35

Ds1 two little recent treasures are

Telling his teacher that mummy says he's go purple diahorea instead of verbal!

One of his friends is Japanese so she must come from Scotland.

There's no logic sometimes!

nikcola Sun 18-Apr-04 18:57:16

when dd (2) wants smoeone too move out of her way she says "puff piss" wich means move please how cute

Grommit Sun 18-Apr-04 19:25:10

Dd asked me if she was a homeowner last week - methinks she is watching too many adverts on Boomerang!!

irishmammy Sun 18-Apr-04 20:20:03

not exactly things they say...more of a "things they do"...ds(age2) has developed a fasination with our computer...he sneaks up behind you and switches it off when you're in the middle of writing a message...or if you're busy elsewhere he'll sneak in here very quietly and turn it on and say "i'm just using the computer mouse for a wee while"

littlerach Sun 18-Apr-04 20:25:46

DD called DH a big dwarf last week, also grumpy goat. Tonight he was a ding ding (?!!) apparently. The mind boggles.

grumpyzebra Sun 18-Apr-04 20:29:29

DS has different "pipes", one for milk, one for pudding, one for granny's chicken pie... the "pipes" fill up in turn, depending what he fancies eating next... except the biscuit/sweets/pudding "pipe" apppears to be espeically large!

Ixel Sun 18-Apr-04 21:01:42

3 yr old friend- of- a- neighbour's new expression, applied to everything... "blood and guts useless". Hmmmmm.

MissyHissy Sun 18-Apr-04 21:18:42

Earlier on, ds1 (nearly 3) told dh - if he squeezed ds2, he could get some juice...

Now I'd better explain that ds1 often gives ds2 an overenthusiastic hug so then we tell him not to squeeze his brother. I suspect 'Big Cook Little Cook' programme is to blame for his comment - at least I hope!

carla Sun 18-Apr-04 21:24:11

Quite pleased about this one - whenever I say 'Blimey' --almost never - they both go Oooooh, Mummy, you shouldn't have said that. I mean, Blimey! Is that too awful!

Browbeaten Sun 18-Apr-04 21:54:30

I put it down to the holidays but dd 3.6 y has been driving me nuts for days now with her constant chatter and questions. Tonight I said she was driving me mad and she said I don't drive! Made dh laugh anyway.

twiglett Sun 18-Apr-04 22:09:03

message withdrawn

Lisa78 Sun 18-Apr-04 22:10:27

excellent save twiglett

lieman Sun 18-Apr-04 22:21:32

after 1st week at school dd bumped her toe on door and proclimed "f***ing toe". i explained that wasn'a nice word. so she said "f***ing thing on my foot"

carla Sun 18-Apr-04 22:44:39

You lucky sod twiglett - how did you manage to do that and then get back under the duvet? Huh?

tatcity Sun 18-Apr-04 22:48:59

"Mummy, did you know that ladybirds have internets"? (antenna)

gemilou Sun 18-Apr-04 23:20:55

we're doing a story about baby cheeses. (baby jesus) This was my Ds first nativity

Levanna Sun 18-Apr-04 23:54:08

My delightful DD (2) has a minor fascination with all things 'bum' related at present. So, she felt it neccesary to tell a market stall holder recently (loudly) "I JUST FARTED"! He laughed, I laughed, my DH and my Nanna laughed....especially when my Grandad who's a bit hard of hearing insisted on saying "What Dear? What did she say?" so I told him....several times before he grasped it, I had tears running down my face! On the way home in the car, he leant over and said "Do you know what dear? I still didn't quite catch it!" HeeHee . That's my girl !

marthamoo Sun 18-Apr-04 23:58:40

puff piss (nikhola) reminded me of ds1 last Xmas.

We went to ds1's Christmas Fair and dutifully queued up to see Santa. Ds1, at the same age, cried hysterically at the sight of a strange old beardy man in a red suit. Ds2 just stood, rooted to the spot, and shouted, in best accusatorial tones "BAR PISS!"

That would be Father Christmas to us mere mortals.

marthamoo Sun 18-Apr-04 23:59:23

lieman, that is priceless.

nightowl Mon 19-Apr-04 01:05:30

not a said but a done.

ds last year came into the lounge with one of those little creme caramels in a yoghurt pot. He trod on a piece of cardboard which skidded across our laminate floor and fell on his bum with his back to me, as the caramel flew up over his head and landed right in the middle of the book i was reading. I sat there crying with laughter as he stared at the empty pot in his hand, with a pained and puzzled expression on his sweet little face!

prettycandles Mon 19-Apr-04 09:45:38

Gemilou, mine too! DS singing 'Happpy Birthday Sweet Cheeses' at nursery's Xmas show.

slug Mon 19-Apr-04 12:28:00

The sluglet has an obsession with all things bum related at the moment (trying to start potty training) If anyone passes wind in the house, she'll announce "Daddy do the bart!" If she does it she announces "Thundernaps!" ( I blame her father for that one)

A couple of weeks ago I came home from work and asked dh what they'd done that day. The sluglet piped up "Daddy do the pub! Daddy do (Holds two fingers up) TWO beers"

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