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help!! biro on my new sofa!!

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katzguk Sat 17-Apr-04 21:49:43

does anyone know how to get biro out of a leather sofa, the cleaning kit which came with it didn't shift it!! help!!

littlemissbossy Sat 17-Apr-04 22:07:10

well you could try this, but it depends on how soft the leather is ... so try it on the back/or an area out of sight for a reaction first. Spray hairspray on a cloth and rub gently. HTH

katzguk Sat 17-Apr-04 22:13:08

thanks will go and get some hairspray tomorrow!!

juniper68 Sat 17-Apr-04 22:25:28

hairspray definitely works on my leather sofa. I just spray the stuff on and rub it. but lmb is right, err on the side of caution.

Janh Sat 17-Apr-04 22:40:18

This is a link off Ask Jeeves - it says hairspray too!

Jane101 Tue 20-Apr-04 09:56:03

ds drew on our cream leather sofa with biro, and I rang DFS (furniture shop) who said they couldn't recommend anything to remove it, but it usually rubs off by itself. And they were right - it just gradually disappeared. It seems that a lot of rubbing with cleaner in one go doesn't work, but gradual contact with dh eventually wears it away.

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