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If if you have a complex prescription, where do you get your glasses

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MummiUni Sun 14-Dec-14 21:18:05

I've always been to a small independent. I wear varifocals with prisms but my optician has struggled to get my glasses right I.e. I can't see with my new glasses so they have given me my money back.
So...where do I go?
Can anyone with a complex prescription help me?

Cherrypi Sun 14-Dec-14 21:26:24

I have a complex prescription and just go to spectacles. The lenses have been fine. Frames a bit ropey but they fix them for free.

Cherrypi Sun 14-Dec-14 21:26:56

Specsavers not spectacles.

MummiUni Sun 14-Dec-14 21:45:39

I took my prescription to specsavers and they said they couldn't do itshock

lastnightIwenttoManderley Sun 14-Dec-14 22:01:57

Where are you? I have a v complex prescription but a small group of opticians, Eyesite, have always been able to sort me out. The high street ones have always messed it up!

MummiUni Sun 14-Dec-14 22:14:32

I'm in the north so no Eyesite near me.

Anyone had any success with Boots?

Blondieminx Sun 14-Dec-14 22:15:47

My eyes are horrendous (6.25 astigmatism in one eye, 4.5 in the other... Oh and they don't work together!)

Boots do my specs, our local branch is V Good!

dragonfly007 Sun 14-Dec-14 22:23:39

Used to go to independent optician and paid £500+ for a pair, last ones though were from asda and cost £70 obviously not designer frame but I prefer my asda glasses!!!!!

starfishmummy Sun 14-Dec-14 22:28:25

I use boots. Have been fine for me

concretefeet Sun 14-Dec-14 22:31:56

You need a really good optometrist with an experienced dispensing optician colleague. Independents can be good if recommended,similarly with the big opticians.

If you go with Boots go into the practice you want to use and ask who is their most experienced senior optometrist and request a longer appointment (double?) explaining you have a complex prescription and have had problems in the past.

Check they will have a qualified dispensing optician available - not an in house trained assistant as your precription is complex.

Take copies of the prescriptions you have had and got on with/not got on with, so they have the most information they can to get the glasses right for you.

MummiUni Mon 15-Dec-14 17:54:18

Thanks concretefeet, that seems like good advice. I will go in to make the appointment.

CMOTDibbler Mon 15-Dec-14 17:57:39

I go to an independant which has a very good dispensing optician, and my glasses are spot on every time

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