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Washing dd hair - is a nightmare please help

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fairydust Fri 16-Apr-04 18:35:20

DD hates having her hair washed big time.

She loves the bath and being washed just not her hair.

I've tried using the shower attachment to wash it.

A cup.

I've tried lying her down and she goes hysterical crying and screaming.

I;ve even tried one of those eye sheild and no luck

Anyone got any ideas please???

jmg1 Fri 16-Apr-04 18:50:17

Message withdrawn at user request

NoPearls Fri 16-Apr-04 19:18:03

Been there, done that - just over an hour ago! Have you tried bribery? My current approach is:

Shove dried apricot in dd's mouth and whack flannel over eyes/jug of water over head

Shampoo whilst chewing

Another apricot = rinsing

Usually a few tears involved, but better than it used to be!

oxocube Fri 16-Apr-04 19:18:20

With ds2 (2 yrs), I have just given up. He screams like he is being murdered so now I just wash his hair about once a month. He makes the same fuss about having his hair cut, so I wait until he falls asleep on his side and cut - then when he rolls over, I cut the other side. Must admit, it doesn't look very professional but anything for an easy life

LIZS Fri 16-Apr-04 19:22:39

No advice but sympathies as dd is just the same. She will sometimes have a go herself with the flannel but it is a nightmare to do with shampoo and rinse. Screams the place down.

Tissy Fri 16-Apr-04 19:55:36

This works for my dd (2)

1) Dampen hair with a flannel

2) Lather a *tiny* amount of shampoo on flannel and rub on head

3) Rinse flannel and wring until damp

4)Wipe suds off head

5) Repeat step 4

6) Give chocolate

7) Clean teeth

carla Fri 16-Apr-04 20:00:11

Just big Fairydusts - ours is the samee at four!

bloss Sat 17-Apr-04 11:28:01

Message withdrawn

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