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disability register, how do u get on it?

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insanidee Fri 16-Apr-04 11:14:06

dh has just been awarded DLA, think he should be on the disability register, but how do we go about this?

lou33 Fri 16-Apr-04 11:36:09

Call your HV, they can arrange it for you.

insanidee Fri 16-Apr-04 11:37:42

but its for my husband? i dont think he has a HV anymore

fairydust Fri 16-Apr-04 12:23:16

what do u mean by the disability register??

DD is on one with social services but only because she is a child

Davros Fri 16-Apr-04 12:41:49

Ditto FD with my son but I know NOTHING about adult disabiiity. Would suggest Soc Svs too.

lou33 Fri 16-Apr-04 12:51:40

They should still be able to help.

insanidee Fri 16-Apr-04 14:41:28

i just wondered as on the housing forms it asked if anyone is on the disability register. i have no idea really. might try giving SS a ring later on and see what they say. maybe i'm just being a dappy bird today.

hmb Fri 16-Apr-04 14:54:20

According to my HV we all have a HV, but they just concentrate of the kids. But she could be wrong.

lou33 Fri 16-Apr-04 17:30:44

Hv's are for the entire family. That's what my lovely one says.

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