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Glamour mum or scruff bag?

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bouncy Fri 16-Apr-04 09:35:05

Recently had a weird conversation with my friend who bought me make-up for my birthday in Feb. She asked me why I don't like it and I said I do. This then sparked a debate about why I do not wear it. I see my friend at the school gates and after school 2 or 3 times a week.

the point is, I get myself and DS up for school, I get breakfast and brush my hair etc etc and take him to school. Friend thought I was a little weird because I don't spent 30 mins in front of the mirror applying make-up and straightening hair etc etc. I do this when I have a night out or go someone nice.

So basically she has made me feel like I dont take pride in my appearence, my clothes are clean and my hair is brushed. What is wrong with that.

So what kind of mum are you, glamour, scruff bag (like me apparently) or someone in middle.

BTW suspect friend on PMT

Davros Fri 16-Apr-04 09:37:35

I'm a total scruffbag! Far too many other priorities and have put on lots of weight since taking steroids for some years.
Although I admire the glamourous, well groomed sort of woman I also think vanity is an ugly trait which seems to come with it ime.

coppertop Fri 16-Apr-04 09:39:45

Another scruff-bag here. If I had 30 minutes to spare I certainly wouldn't waste it on applying make-up.

Heathcliffscathy Fri 16-Apr-04 09:39:45

mega scruff bag unless going out somewhere. but i don't like it. i wish i took more care over my appearance sometimes (i have friends who have co-ordinated accesories and nail varnish...these are mums!), but i'm just a jeans and tshirt girl with hair in ponytail and generally only put make up on if i'm meeting someone for lunch or going somewhere or something. this is probably why i wince when i get glimpses of myself in shop windows...having said all this, i've always been this way, its not motherhood (although that's made it worse). i think your friend is a bit weird to have a go at you for this tho...sounds like she has issues herself to me...

hewlettsdaughter Fri 16-Apr-04 09:40:52

Bouncy, I'm the same as you and was even before I was a mum. I don't wear make-up unless it's a special occasion. Life's too short to be faffing around in front of the mirror!

papillon Fri 16-Apr-04 09:43:49

Well I thought I did a mixture of Glam/Scruff till reading this.
Well I do an alternative version of Glam/Scruff minus the makeup.. eg fake diamonds with baggy pants and sneakers (not trainers)

Freckle Fri 16-Apr-04 09:45:40

I suspect I am somewhere in between. I don't spend hours putting on makeup, but I will spend 5 minutes in front of the mirror putting on moisturiser and a bit of eyeliner. I get too many comments about whether I am ill if I don't

I do see mums in the playground who have obviously spent a considerable amount of time on themselves in the morning. I will have to look more closely next time, but I'm fairly sure that most of them only have one child.

Hulababy Fri 16-Apr-04 09:46:43

Scruff bag I suspect! I do wear make up but not much and it is very quickly applied in a morning whilst getting me and Dd ready too leave before work. As you say though my clothes are clean, for work they are smart, and my hair is washed and brushed (not styled note!).

TBH even if I am getting ready to go out for an evening I don't spent that long getting ready. Last week we wnet out my 21yo sister spent half the afternoon getting ready, I managed about 30 minutes or so, including my shower. With DD round my ankles too.

Northerner Fri 16-Apr-04 09:49:24

Well I always wear makeup, it's very rare that I venture out without it. I don't slap it on and spend ages applying it, it only takes me about 5 minutes. A bit of tinted mouisteriser, concealer, bronzer, lip gloss and mascara. I always straighten my hair too and I always wear nail varnish. Just makes me feel better.

Tex111 Fri 16-Apr-04 09:51:02

I'd say I'm somewhere in between. I tend to focus on being clean and groomed like shaving my legs every day and keeping my eyebrows tidy, mustache off(!), wearing perfume etc. But I only blow dry my hair for special occasions and only wear make-up if I'm going somewhere more exciting than Sainsbury's. I try to take the latest fashions into account when I dress but only in that I might buy a different cut of jeans if they're in style. Jeans and Tshirt is my uniform. Either that or I just wear pajamas all day!

I actually enjoy the grooming stuff though so it's also a way for me to relax and I feel better about myself when I don't look like a yeti.

Jimjams Fri 16-Apr-04 09:54:49

Scruff bag. Not sure I own any make up- I did have some for my wedding. ONce tried false nails (for my wedding) but they looked like pigs trotters and I couldn't play the piano or use the telephone.

I could do with some concealer now for the scratches that ds1 has administered.

No money for nice clothes- it's all going on ABA and speech therapy.

My MIL is embarrassed by me- but that means she does send me new clothes every now and then OMG I am dressed by my MIL (luckily her taste isn't too bad).

Bit of a shoe/boot fetish- but their conkers or docs so not very glam.

charlieplus3 Fri 16-Apr-04 09:54:53

Im in betwen too i supose. When i do dtart school runs il prob be still in my Pj's. Theres no way i will get glammed up for a school yard. Take me as you find me i say.

I have good days where i get my make up on and do my hair and i have days where i dont bother. Depends on what im doing i supose.

Jimjams Fri 16-Apr-04 09:55:14

Shave my arms and legs though- and try to be clean if scruffy.

charlieplus3 Fri 16-Apr-04 09:57:09

Its funny cos if i do pop out on my havnt bothered day i always bump into people i know, but when ive made an effort NO ONE!!!

twiglett Fri 16-Apr-04 09:58:11

message withdrawn

eddm Fri 16-Apr-04 09:58:36

Scruffbag here – clean clothes but the only ironing I do is work shirts. I do do my hair every morning but only because it's curly so would look a real mess if I didn't. And put on a little make up – not as much as pre-ds and went bare faced for months while on mat. leave. As for legs and tache, they get done once a week at most - I just wear trousers! Dh has grown a really bad scruffy beard so he can lump it with the hairy legs as far as I'm concerned .

CountessDracula Fri 16-Apr-04 10:02:56

Scruffy definitely - I like to dress up for special occasions but I rarely wear make up in the day (unless I'm working and then it takes me about a minute - tiny bit of tinted moisturiser, transparent reddish lippy on lips and cheeks, mascara and maybe a bit of eyeliner but not normally.)

I do straighten my hair but only when it needs it/I can be arsed.

Tend to live in combats or black trousers with T shirts

charlieplus3 Fri 16-Apr-04 10:05:54

I have to do my hair every other day which includes straightening it or i look like an before advert for the frizz ease people. Plus my hair done makes me feel better and im more likely to make an effort.

iota Fri 16-Apr-04 10:15:52

I used to be well-groomed- BC for my corporate office job, it was always a bit of a struggle A/C, but now am SAHM and am a complete scruff.

Kids are almost 5 and 2.5, and I have only recently started to blow dry my hair again(looks so much better). Am trying to remember to wear make up more often, but usually forget in the morning rush to school.

Clothes are always dead scuffy - maybe not even clean if I'm going home to do dirty cleaning jobs.

Doesn't bother me - I know I can glam up if required

noddy5 Fri 16-Apr-04 10:20:09

always wear mascara or I look like Boris Becker.Try to wear ok clothes most days.I think over glam at 8am in the playground is soooooo naff.Make the effort when I go out otherwise levis,diesel t shirts and birkenstocks

LipstickMum Fri 16-Apr-04 10:21:51

Bouncy, I'm sure you look lovely! I am somewhere in the middle of the glamour v scruff bag scale, would love to be more glamorous, but it just ain't practical!

Tex111 Fri 16-Apr-04 10:25:21

I have to say that when I visit my parents I do glam up a bit more and I do feel more confident. My mom is very glam - full hair and makeup to walk out to the mailbox at the end of the drive - and she despairs for me and my sister. Rang yesterday very excited to say she had bought me a teeth whitening system because my teeth were looking a bit dull last time I saw her. Charming. But then most Texan women do seem to aspire to be Sue Ellen (without the drinking, very sinful ).

papillon Fri 16-Apr-04 10:26:32

i brush my hair with the fingers.

gemilou Fri 16-Apr-04 10:29:01

definatly a scruff bag

marthamoo Fri 16-Apr-04 10:29:07

I do wear make up, but I am not glamorous at all. If I don't wear make up I get told I look tired...which we all know translates as "you look cr@p." But my make up takes about 5 minutes, and it's five minutes well spent as it makes me feel miles better.

Jimjams, I have the same shoe fetish. I'm a DM Mum too - and bought a pair of Conkers on holiday in South Devon last year. Now that, to me, IS glamorous - hand-made shoes....

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