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Advice needed asap

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Starlight9 Fri 21-Nov-14 22:50:55

Hello, thank you in advance for reading.

My situation is a little confusing but to keep it brief..
a relative is having 'issues' and her child is on the high risk register. she has recently signed some sort of agreement of who can be in his company etc..
With the support of his school and social worker, I have recently began caring for him when Mum feels that 'she needs a break'.. all agencies are fully involved and supportive of it as it has contributed to him making great progress in school and behaviour-wise but it is only considered 'a private agreement between me and mum', which is fine. I'm glad to be of some sort of help :-)
Me and social worker have discussed that if they do make the decision to remove him from Mum, they will assess me and my partner and decide if he can be placed in our care.

So today he went to school as normal, with the aim to be sent back to mum for the weekend. he became noticeably detached from his surroundings. He had also told school that a certain person who is not allowed contact with him has been in Mum's house while he was there. I then receive a phone call to ask whether he can be returned to me for the weekend until 'there are more people around to make decisions on the Monday.'

Can anybody explain why they may have made that decision and what might be the outcome on Monday? In all honesty, I was making attempts to support Mum to recover from the problems so that her child could remain with her, I hadn't expected the decision to arise that he be sent back to me for weekend? Also, I have been informed to contact emergency team if she collects him from me during the weekend.

Thank you once again for reading.

Passmethecrisps Fri 21-Nov-14 22:56:38

I have limited experience but will post so I can bump this for you.

I am in scotland and here this would be called a kinship agreement. My understanding is that something may have happened which makes the social workers believe he is at immediate risk. I think they call it a section 7?

It essentially means that he cannot be left with his mum and be guaranteed free from harm.

Normal procedure wojld be that there will be an emergency meeting early in the week to make a decision. You can give a timescale of how long you can support and in what capacity.

My advice would be to stick to your guns as an occasional support. Your help will be vital.

Passmethecrisps Fri 21-Nov-14 22:58:28

In short I think the presumption is that he will be ok with you this weekend but a meeting must be held ASAP to look at longer term options. There is a strong likelihood that all hopes will be on you as a longer term placement so prepare to be tough if this is not for you.

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