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to paint or wallpaper... that is the question!

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amess Thu 15-Apr-04 10:04:57

Sorry but I prefer wallpaper BUT for ease I would paint walls. Just wondering as we are about to try some DIY for the very first time!!! What do people prefer really? In view of the fact that I never want to do this again and we might end up having to put the house on the market next week (long story). I would value your honest opinions. (Thanks in advance!)

Tinker Thu 15-Apr-04 10:08:00

Paint - easily changeable. Wallpaper can be too specifically to your taste, which is no good if you want to sell. But put lining paper up first for a better finish.

PopeyesPiece Thu 15-Apr-04 10:10:01

Paint is easier but we have wonky walls in the bathroom so are putting some special paper up (??) so we don't have to replaster and then paint. We are just tarting up to sell soon hopefully so don't want to spend loads. IF I was staying, I would replaster and paint, can't beat smooth walls IMO.

LipstickMum Thu 15-Apr-04 10:16:45

If you might be seeling next week, do a 'once' coat of paint and be done with it. Wallpapering is much more long, involved and possibly expensive if you've never tackled it before.

LipstickMum Thu 15-Apr-04 10:17:04


jmg1 Thu 15-Apr-04 10:17:48

Message withdrawn at user request

nightowl Fri 16-Apr-04 02:17:33

how about textured paper? i dont mean the nasty old fashioned stuff, the new ones that are made to look like textured walls etc. (very modern) it doesnt require any matching up, covers bumpy uneaven walls and you can paint it whatever colour you like and change it whenever you want. I was just going to paint all my walls, (dont really like wallpaper) but they were too bumpy so i used this paper and it does look really nice.

amess Fri 16-Apr-04 17:06:49

Can you really repaint textured wallpaper nightowl? I've been wondering as it's in one of the rooms that needs cheering up and the thought of removing wallpaper fill me with dread! Also I wonder about paper because the rooms that have only been painted seem so hollow and if the house doesn't sell or sell at a decent price and we end up having to stay the thoughts of living with what I'm not sure about will depress me further!

nightowl Fri 16-Apr-04 18:29:37

ive painted over mine about 6 times now...its a very light room and it needs doing every year really to keep it fresh looking. Its about £6 a roll from B & Q, mine has that medditeranian (spelling!?) rough-plastered-wall look about it but theres loads or different designs.

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