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Present for 3rd baby

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BertieBotts Mon 17-Nov-14 19:23:01

What should I get for my friend expecting her 3rd? I've looked through old threads and seen lots of suggestions for booze, soft cheese etc except it's a baby shower, so I can't really get something like that as she won't be able to use it for another 6 weeks, and no point getting gifts for the older DC as they won't be at the shower. I know some people are clubbing together to bring them food but I'm not astoundingly confident in my cooking skills, TBH!

They have two boys but don't know the sex of this one so can't go girly just in case. I think they have pretty much everything practical. A book? Something like "What mothers do"? Is that patronising? I've got that for first time mums in the past. I definitely don't want to get any kind of prescriptive parenting manual, but something along the lines of "You're not alone, it will get better" for those mad moments grin

Her DS is good friends with mine so I thought about maybe babysitting vouchers, we quite often have each others' DS over for playdates but I don't usually take the younger one too so that could work. Or is it naff considering I would pick her DS up from school some days anyway?

Argh! Overthinking? Ideas??

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