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BOYCOTT THE CO-OP! Co-Op to throw single mums out of business-

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MrsCuckoo Tue 11-Nov-14 13:30:28

I live in Cuckfield, a small Sussex village which is currently in turmoil.

The Co-Op, who already have a shop at one end of Cuckfield, intend to open a new, much bigger branch at the opposite end on a site which until this summer was a 200 year-old pub, The Ship.

What has upset the locals is that the pub sits immediately next to a small village shop and sub post office, Wealdon Stores, which is run by a pair of hard-working SINGLE MUMS who live above the shop with their children. They make a modest living by working hard and supporting their families.

They sell all the usual, newspapers, basic groceries, a smattering of stationery and they do their best to stock local produce, unlike the Co-Op which churns out nothing remotely locally produced.

The self-styled "ethical" Co-Op (as their new ad campaign goes to great lengths to emphasize), would put the shop and these ladies out of business in months, so that, along with their business, they also risk losing their home.

We have had no response from the Co-Op on the matter of what would happen to them; their representatives even had the gall to reprent Wealdon Stores as a health store to the parish council, thereby suggesting that there would be no conflict in business. What complete nonsense and sheer hypocrisy.

Here's a video made by local celeb Christian Stephenson, Jamie Oliver's sidekick, aka BBQ-DJ, which explains everything:

If you have the time, please sign our petition:

Please support us, sign and boycott.
If you have the time, contact Steve Murrells of the Co-Op and register your feelings:

MrsCuckoo Tue 11-Nov-14 13:33:27

Co-Op to throw single mums out of business-BOYCOTT THE CO-OP

sandycloud Thu 13-Nov-14 20:01:29

This was my local growing up and the Wealdon stores has been there for years. The coop have not listened to what local people need. Please support this local store.

26Point2Miles Thu 13-Nov-14 20:10:49

Why put 'single mums' in capitals and highlight it so much.... We aren't made of glass you know, we are the same as everyone else. I hate this singling out! Makes being a lone parent ( single mum is a very outdated term)even more stigmatised

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