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Unconventional uses for sanitary protection

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froot Tue 13-Apr-04 18:16:31

message withdrawn

spacemonkey Tue 13-Apr-04 18:17:52

no tale to tell but HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA @ yours froot!!!!!!

coppertop Tue 13-Apr-04 18:28:03

As a child, dh was very much interested in all things scientific. MIL was absolutely horrified one day when she returned home to find that dh's window sill (which faced on to the main road) had several tampons hanging from it. Apparently it looked a bit like one of those Australian hats with the corks dangling. Furious she asked the young dh what he thought he was doing. Innocently he explained that they were part of an experiment to ascertain how much dew had formed that morning. MIL did not appreciate dh's scientific leanings.....

btw she called tampons her "personal wound dressings"!
Bless her!

papillon Tue 13-Apr-04 18:34:08

dh has used pads (sanitary towels) to bulk out his mountain bike helmet LOL
he says to say that they are very cozy

goodkate Tue 13-Apr-04 18:34:54

my mum had a slipped disc when we were kids. one day my brother found and played with one of her tampons. when my mother found him, he asked what it was for. she explained it was medicine for her back!

We all now call them our back treatment.

Zerub Tue 13-Apr-04 18:40:18

scud missiles!

coppertop Tue 13-Apr-04 18:43:29


papillon Tue 13-Apr-04 18:44:57

I have used them when changing dd
I called them her p**ss pads

charliecat Tue 13-Apr-04 19:11:19

My mums friend was ill in bed one day and asked his 9 year old dd to get him a cold flannel for his head as he had a temperature. My mum popped in to see him and found him in bed with a wet fanny pad stuck to his head!

efmach Tue 13-Apr-04 19:21:44

I can't believe I'm writing this. About 15 years ago, my mum covered a sanitary towel with floral material, hooked the two loops, eitherside over the handles of her kitchen door and used it to prevent the door from slamming and it's there to this very day. Howzzzatt?

SEXGODDESS Tue 13-Apr-04 19:42:44

My sis and I used to use sanitary towels as beds for our Barbies.

suedonim Tue 13-Apr-04 20:08:07

A friend used a panty liner as a book mark. She then loaned the book to a neighbour and was mortified when he later gave it back with the comment 'I've looked after your book mark for you.'

lou33 Tue 13-Apr-04 20:13:13

Ds1 sticks them around his bedroom.

froot Tue 13-Apr-04 20:38:20

message withdrawn

popsycal Tue 13-Apr-04 20:50:05

when i was 9, i was given a tampon to stick up my nose at school when having an unstoppable nose bleed.

Ds (if he gets the chance) likes to throw them in the bath and watch them expand

Soulfly Tue 13-Apr-04 20:57:47

my ds2 kept sticking the ones with wings to the window,thought they were aeroplanes, lol.

Lisa78 Tue 13-Apr-04 21:05:15

GROSS one here....

I have to put used ones into the dustbin or keep the bathroom bin out of the dogs way cos she shreds them up given half a chance! Ugh, not something you want to come home to

OldieMum Tue 13-Apr-04 22:01:27

My mother used to be a school teacher. Years ago, she taught in a very strait-laced girls' grammar school. One day, one of her pupils told her she had a headache, so my mother sent her off to the school nurse. She came back a few minutes later with a sanitary towel across her forehead, held on by a loop over each ear. Apparently, when she told the nurse she had a headache, the nurse thought she was being shy about having a period. The girl didn't know what the ST was used for, so assumed it was some kind of dressing.

Lisa78 Tue 13-Apr-04 22:10:52

PMSL oldie mum

OldieMum Tue 13-Apr-04 22:14:00

One of my friends summons up this image whenever she feels in need of a laugh.

twiglett Tue 13-Apr-04 22:41:18

message withdrawn

bloss Wed 14-Apr-04 05:09:57

Message withdrawn

hmb Wed 14-Apr-04 07:52:04

Oh, you are too young bloss!

Back in the oldern days sanitary towels didn't have a sticky strip, they had a loop at either end and had to be worn with a belt! They *did* look a bit like hamocks for Barbies! And they were thicky and bulky and seemed to made out of netting! Just what you wanted to feel good about yourself during your period!

I hasten to add I was too younge to have used these types of towels, but they were still around when my periods started!

prettycandles Wed 14-Apr-04 14:24:36

OMG - I must be old! When I started, mum gave me a packet of Dr White's (whatever happened to them?) and one of those delightful belts. Thank goodness the sticky ones came out soon after.

I always keep a few in the changing bag, and once when I asked my dad to fetch me a nappy for ds...well, you can guess what he came back with!

Bron Wed 14-Apr-04 14:29:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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