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Driving me to distraction!!

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Twinkie Tue 13-Apr-04 10:20:48

X2b has DD this week for the easter hols and is taking her away - caravan in the south east somewhere!! I have nto stopped thinking about her since she went - I know she is probably having the time of her life and is safe as houses but I am just so scared that I am not in control - I can't foresee any danger that she may be in and keep her safe - I know she is probably fine but I really don't know what to do - DP thinks I am mad and says he understands but he really doesn't - I am sitting here imaginging awful things happeneing because heer father is not watching er as I would and is probably letting her do things that I would think unsafe for a 3 year old!!

Am I mad, overcautious, just pregnant or do other parents get anxious about their spouses/relatives looking after their child - I even think it has got to the stage where I would only let him see her with me if I could - I miss her soo much too that it is breaking my heart and have another 3 days without her to deal with yet!!

God I know I sound highly strung and emotional but I feel so empty without her making noise in the house and hugging me and just being there!!

God if I am like this now what am I going to be like when this one comes along!!!

grumpyzebra Tue 13-Apr-04 10:35:46

MIL tells me similar stories about her X and her 2 boys, and how she worried so much whenever he took them out, too. And MIL's X was abusive, too. Maybe that history can't help but colour your views? Otherwise, can you find something else engrossing to do, for now? Only way you're going to get through it?

prufrock Tue 13-Apr-04 10:37:14

Oh darling this is completly understandable - but completely irrational. (But you know that). Are they going to be calling you at all over the next 3 days? Has she ever not come back safe and sound after a visit to your x2b?
Can you and dp plan some fun, adult things to do whilst she is away to try to take your mind off the empty house?

jmg1 Tue 13-Apr-04 10:42:19

Message withdrawn at user request

WideWebWitch Tue 13-Apr-04 10:53:59

Twinkie, it's natural to worry but I bet she's fine. Can you call to speak to her? I bet you'll feel better after that.

Twinkie Tue 13-Apr-04 11:12:55

Can't speak to her - will only upset myself and last time I tried his mother answered the phone and just screamed at me!! - At the moment I am not the most balanced person to have to put up with that!!

I know I am being stupid and she is probably fine and lots of people are watching her but none of them are me and I am the best person to keep her safe and make sure nothing happens to her - god he even mentioned letting her go swimming and the only place to do that where they are is in the sea!!!


Got a few things to get done before she gets home so will be busy in the evening for the next few days and have booking in appointment to look forward to on Friday - just got to get through it till then and as DP says there was a time when I only saw her for 3 days of the week soI should view this as a break happening in lovely circumstances rather than abject torture!!

Kayleigh Tue 13-Apr-04 11:17:58

Twinkie, honey please try not to get yourself too worked up over this. You are being a liitle bit irrational, a little bit overprotective and I am absolutely sure I'd be the same in your shoes
Try and keep yourself busy and do some nice stuff with your lovely dp and the days will pass really fast.
Hugs XX

aloha Tue 13-Apr-04 21:30:36

It's normal and natural but you are extra emotional atm. She never came to harm in his care before and she won't now. Why not plan something extra lovely for when she comes back to take your mind off it? And do some stuff with dp like go to the cinema. She'll be back before you know it.

Lisa78 Tue 13-Apr-04 21:35:26

Its okay Twinkie, I think you are being remarkably calm and sane under the circumstances, I would have followed them down there and spied for a week (DO NOT DO THIS, it was a joke, not a suggestion!)
She'll be home soon, quite safe, having had a wonderful time - but be very happy to be home with her mummy again - and within 10 minutes, you will feel like she has never been away

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