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playstation 2, seems to be in foreign.

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insanidee Tue 13-Apr-04 09:00:13

dh got a ps2 yesterday as a little treat to himself. we were watching a dvd last night and when we paused it it said 'pausa' and something else when we restarted the film. it automaticaslly chooses italien for all games, is there a way to keep it in english?

WideWebWitch Tue 13-Apr-04 10:23:25

Insanidee, will ask dp in a minute. Usually at the beginning of the dvd you choose the language, what happens if you press DVD menu?

insanidee Tue 13-Apr-04 10:32:57

its ahppening on every game we play as well. one of them we cant change the language options, so it would appear my kids are gonna learn italien

WideWebWitch Tue 13-Apr-04 11:07:09

OK, Dp says:
You need to turn on PS2 and eject all disks. Then press the green button at the front of the PS2 to re-set the playstation. Wait for a title screen to come up. There's a menu of 2 options: 1st is browser, 2nd is system configuration. It will be called configurazione di sistema on yours! Use the down key on the joypad to highlight 'configurazione di sistema', press X on joypad. Using up and down buttons, highlight 'language' (if this is in Italian - it'll say lingua - there's yer problem!) press X, and use left or right arrow to highlight 'English' (might say 'Inglese' and then press X again and it should change into English. Press circle and it's done.

Hey, let us know if it works won't you?

WideWebWitch Tue 13-Apr-04 18:38:18

insanidee (are you Coddy btw?,) dp wants to know if this worked. See, he's not even posted here properly but he's getting hooked...

tamum Tue 13-Apr-04 18:40:06

I think she's misdee, sister of mieow, but I may be wrong!

insanidee Tue 13-Apr-04 18:52:07

yeah its misdee. i fancied a change. havent tried it yet, will try after the kids go to bed and will let u know.

WideWebWitch Tue 13-Apr-04 18:54:04

OK insanidee! Sorry, do realise daytime with kids around may not be best time to test it!

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