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OH does my head in

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jojolily14 Thu 16-Oct-14 12:05:46

Its the little things I'm the one who does dishes I also cook some meals including some of my daughter (9 months) I always get her to sleep for naps and bedtime get up in the night but if I leave dishes for a day or two and we need a plate he whinges I've tried explaining don't whine just do them and until he is working I'm not going to do everything am I being unreasonable but when I want to talk he won't once he has had his say fuck what I want to say in his the conversation is done I'm 20 and he is 38

wannabestressfree Thu 16-Oct-14 12:37:49

Your problem with this manchild is in your last sentence....

jojolily14 Thu 16-Oct-14 12:52:11

Yh I get the age gap but he doesn't show the age gap apart from those two issues

wannabestressfree Thu 16-Oct-14 12:57:50

They are pretty big issues!
Why isn't he working ?
Why isn't he helping in the house?

jojolily14 Thu 16-Oct-14 13:25:01

He isn't working because the lack of jobs he is with five recruitment agencies constantly going for interviews emailing for a job all the time he hasn't had a job in two years and it gets him down he helps in the house and with our daughter but I do the majority its just when I trt to say you make me feel like crap when you whine I haven't done dishes for a few days yet when was the last time you done them I just get sarky comments yet he said he will try and talk from now on and let me speak admittedly in the beginning of our relationship he did everything cos I had terrible morning sickness but after that I did my fair share its just annoying we always seem to argue which ends with me in tears and just so angry at him and frustrated cos I can't speak cos he won't listen sorry for the rantlol just feels good getting it all out

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