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On turning 35 today ...

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AussieSim Sat 10-Apr-04 09:33:07

Not quite sure how I feel about my birthday. 35 feels like such a milestone for whatever sad pathetic reason. It makes me feel like I need to get my shit together. I seem to have put the rest of my life on hold since DS (14mo) was born and it doesn't help that I moved here to Germany 17 months ago. When I think about getting organised and what goals I should set for myself I come up with all the same things that I came up with as my NY Resolutions. Of course I haven't made much headway with them so far. I did join a Gym but didn't go at all last week.

I want to carve out my time for myself. I want to start writing again. I want to cook more often. I want to get fit.

Has anyone got any tips for getting motivated/inspired/organised?

spacemonkey Sat 10-Apr-04 09:36:26

I know what you mean AS. I turned 36 in March - for some reason it felt more of a milestone than 35 because I can now say I'm officially on the slippery slope to 40

What is stopping you from doing the things you want to do? Do you have any time for yourself, or the means to make time (i.e. babycare)?

spacemonkey Sat 10-Apr-04 09:37:02

how could i forget to say ...



gothicmama Sat 10-Apr-04 10:05:04

Happy Birthday let me know how it goes Can not offer advice but am dreading it(happens next year)

spacemonkey Sat 10-Apr-04 10:08:10

IMO (and IME) life gets better as I get older. Perhaps it's the gradual dawning of awareness of my own mortality that's doing it! Just saying that the silver lining of the cloud that is ageing is more confidence and more self-knowledge and acceptance, which has gotta be a good thing. So don't panic AS and gothicmama X

israel Sat 10-Apr-04 10:28:23

Oh my goodness me...only 35!!! spring chick.......don't be so hard on yourself....bringing up a a huge job!!!....your life hasn't been on hold....just a new will get back into doing the things you love.'s early days yet....I too thought OMG...where has gone...then I looked back and thought boy that was over DS is 12/13....So I had another at 40!!...just to go through all the rollercoaster again...He is 3 now and I have just sold my house and am in the process of emigrating to OZ....that's life.....grasp it and roll with the difficult times...they don't last young thing!!!....wish I was there again!!

eddm Sat 10-Apr-04 10:35:52

Happy birthday AussieSim. We are the same age! But bizarrely all last year I kept thinking I was 35 already.
Know what you mean re sorting life out - wish I could too. But concentrate on what you have achieved – gorgeous ds for instance. And don't forget going to the gym in April. Most people who join for a new year's resolution lapse by February (that's why gyms sign you up for long contracts, if they charged per visit they'd make a lot less money).

papillon Sat 10-Apr-04 10:37:03

Happy Birthday
Start today... go and spoil yourself.

Maybe we should start a thread for people who like writing. I know it is something I enjoy and feel like I need to be doing - what do u think? We could all inspire/motivate and encourage one another!

Have u got someone to go to the gym with - I always find having companion gives me motivation.

I know how u feel about putting your life on hold -with the move and baby. Abit like me - how is your German coming along? I find it hard here with trying to learn high german and then hearing a different dialect on the streets and in shops.

roisin Sat 10-Apr-04 18:53:17

Happy Birthday AussieSim! I was 35 last month ... certainly hasn't inspired me to anything?

Where are you in Germany? And papillon where are you? I spent a year there as a student a long time ago.

papillon Sat 10-Apr-04 19:00:07


AussieSim Sun 11-Apr-04 09:36:27

Thanks everyone. I had a nice day - my DH pitched in more than usual and we went out to dinner to a Thai while the PIL babysat.

I don't generally mind getting older either Spacemonkey - it is just the 'stalled' aspect that got to me this year I think.

It is nice to hear your story Israel- we are also making plans to go back to Oz. Where will you emigrate to?

I will make an effort to get to the gym this week. My DS started napping again mornings, which was wreaking havoc with my mobility I found - but I think I will have to put a stop to it as he has started waking up nights again.

Papillon, I have thought of starting a thread for writers, but then I get all self-concious about it. I know there are a few freelance journos on here - like Aloha, but haven't heard anyone mention fiction writing before. But yeah, I would be in it if we founded a writers support group.

A neighbour offered that she and her DS might start going to the gym with us, I must follow her up (but she is tall and skinny and just wants to use the sauna and solarium I think - so I hater her).

My german is passable by now, in most situations. My grammar is still a bit buggered up, but generally people don't have too much problem understanding me if they are interested enough. I don't have the same trouble with dialect although there is a bit of local slang.

Roisin, I am in Dortmund (my DH says he thinks it is the UK equivalent of Newcastle or Manchester)- which is pretty big but not very cosmopolitan or anything. After nearly 18mths here though I am fairly settled although we are quite serious about going home, that is mostly because my DH is never home with the job he has.

Thanks again, Sim

Hulababy Sun 11-Apr-04 09:37:09

Happy Birthday for yesterday! Glad you had a good day!

israel Sun 11-Apr-04 10:13:25

Dear Aussiesim.....I'm pleased you had a good's nice to get out for a meal.
We will be heading for Perth...My husband has two brothers and a sister..with families...who have all lived there for many years.
Whereabouts will you be heading back to?
How long have you been away?
G-day...spring chicken!!

motherinferior Sun 11-Apr-04 10:48:05

Happy birthday you young, young young thing

AussieSim Sun 11-Apr-04 11:29:00

Thanks to well wishers.

Israel, we will be either heading back to Sydney (where we were before we came here nearly 18mths ago) or to Melbourne, depending which job my DH accepts.

Perth is great though, I spent a bit of time there mostly on business but did manage a conference once at Margaret River (love their wine) and a few extra days here and there in Perth. I have an Aunt and her that live in Kalgoorlie, they've only been there for a couple of years. My mum is taking a break in Perth with her and their brother at the moment - lovely weather. Good Luck with the move!

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