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boring sofa question

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nightowl Fri 09-Apr-04 23:36:08

how do i stop the cushions sliding off every single sodding day? aaaaaagggggghhhhhhh. annoying.

littlemissbossy Fri 09-Apr-04 23:39:29

sorry, no positive answer to that question. we have three sofas with four cushions on each and I spend half the day rearranging the damn things!!! you're right, we are boring!

nightowl Fri 09-Apr-04 23:42:13

if someone at school had told me i would be discussing things like this when i was 26, i would have lamped them!

suedonim Fri 09-Apr-04 23:59:59

We had this problem once and solved it by putting plastic mesh shelf lining underneath the cushions and it worked a treat. Unfortunately I don't have the name of it, as we were living abroad at the time. Lakeland Ltd might sell something similar Or you could try a product to stop rugs from moving about. HTH.

suedonim Sat 10-Apr-04 00:00:34

LOL, Nightowl!

nightowl Sat 10-Apr-04 00:14:40

i surpose it would help if my cats would refrain from sleeping on the back of it...and ds too for that matter

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