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can anyone reccomend a sling?

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melli Fri 09-Apr-04 11:58:37

my ds is 8 months, Im looking for one of those pouch type ones> IYKWIM
can anyone recommend a good site? Ive been websurfing for one and have been confused by the amount of types and kinds. Maybe i should look in the product reccomendation section!!!!

hercules Fri 09-Apr-04 12:07:48

couldnt live without it

lydialemon Fri 09-Apr-04 12:27:49

2nd vote for Hugabub!

Have a look on ebay, you can pick them up cheaper there.

bloss Sat 10-Apr-04 05:00:05

Message withdrawn

hercules Sat 10-Apr-04 09:58:36

I used the hugababy for 2.5 years with no problems at all but looking at Bloss' recommendations they do look more comfortable and if i was going to buy again I'd consider one of them. DD is now in ds's sling so we are getting our moneys worth.

melli Sun 11-Apr-04 11:39:28

thanx guys!!!bloss--really like the ellaroo wrap, thats exactly what i was looking for - love the fabric too, think i'll be ordering that one

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