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Nasty Neighbours? Or just a PITA? All you tales here please!

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GarfieldsGirl Wed 27-Sep-06 11:33:52

I want to hear all your stories of 'problem' neighbours you've had. My next door neighbours are simply a PITA and the ones next to them are just plain horrible, with one of her friends shouting and swearing at me yesterday, leaving me cowering in my house too afraid to go out.

I know this is pretty minor stuff compared to what lots of people have to deal with, so all your stories of drug dealing neighbours, violent, threatening neighbours etc, I want to know!

rebeka27 Wed 27-Sep-06 12:08:51

We lived next door to students in our first house. It was aterrace, so we could hear their crappy music all the time, it drove me mad! I'm sure it contributed to awful PND as well. Now have noise phobia, but also live in detached house, and will for the rest of my days! Lots of sympathy to you, is horrible to feel trapped in own home. My friend has similar situation, when she complained about next doors son breaking their car windows, next door dad set fire to her shed!! They moved, actually...

lizziemun Wed 27-Sep-06 13:08:26

When i lived at my mum's before i met dh we had a neighbour who had no h and 3 childrens.

She went out with a different man every night of the week.

her eldest daughter couldn't do anything quietly as i pointed out one sunny afternoon while we sat in our garden and she sat talking at the top of her voice in their garden it when something like this:

mum to me "You look tired"

me " Yes i am, but when you are woken up by the tart next door screaming again at two in the morning"

the back door next suddenly slammed shut as they all went in. They could not look at us in the face for ages.

I have to say when they finally moved all the neighbours came out and cheered as they drove off as they had manage to annoy most people ine the street.

dmo Wed 27-Sep-06 13:19:13

our next door neighbour we call Mr Grunpy
he can manage a quick hello but thats it
the other side are brill

been lucky no probs with noise from any neighbours but they might come on mn can complain about me i'm a childminder and have 17 children a day from 7.15am till 8.15pm

CrotchetyCow Wed 27-Sep-06 13:43:42

We used to live in a small block of four ex-council flats and were finishing off our kitchen one evening (notified the neighbours that we would finish at 8.30pm). The bloke in the flat beneath us got really drunk, kicked down our door (snapping our security chain and bolt) and threatened to kill us because he thought we were banging on the floor (his ceiling). The second and third times he came back that evening he was squaring up to my DH and I had to drag him back in (neatherthal section of DH's brain kicked in) behind our other front door whilst I called the police. We pressed charges but he only got a breach of the peace and didnt have to pay for all the damage he did. I discovered the next week I was pregnant and I spent the majority of the pregnancy cowering in the house, terrified he would do it again and hurt the baby.
When I was 41 weeks I was stoned by the kids of the people who lived in the other upstairs flat and their friends because I asked them to get out of our garden (they were trying to pull up our washing line posts). They threw huge clumps of mud, stones and hardcore at me, luckily I only got a few bruises. I went into labour a few hours later. Called the police and discovered that the youngest of the group was 7!
When someone got raped in our back garden when we were away on holiday we moved (to Switzerland where the worst our neighbours do is smoke on their balconies so we get a little in the flat)

GarfieldsGirl Wed 27-Sep-06 18:12:33

OMG CrotchetyCow . Makes me feel a bit better about mine!

dmo, 17 children all at once, wow! I don't like people who complain about normal childrens noise, so I hope you don't get whingy neighbours. Thats one of the problems with mine next door. She comlained about ds2 crying when he was 3 weeks old. She didn't seem to understand that crying is a babies way of communicating, just implied that I was neglecting him.

WishICouldGiveUpWork Wed 27-Sep-06 18:21:42

Blimey-make my tale completely insignificant.

Next door neighbout is on the PArish Councli and obviously has never had an ounce of "power" in his life and now thinks he's George Bush.
Apart from throwing stones at our two kittens who ventured into his garden once,we had to take him to court to allow out painter to put his ladder on his driveway for half an hour!!!!!!!!!!Miserable sod-fortunately we of course won but it was a huge PITA.
Trouble is,barge boards need painting again and I really don't think I can go through the whole drama again.

Mellowma Wed 27-Sep-06 18:35:34

Message withdrawn

Ripeberry Thu 28-Sep-06 16:10:43

A few years ago i used to live in a built up area of Bristol in quite a nice little street backing onto the Bath-Bristol cycle lane.
Across from us was the familly from hell.
The two boys were only 6 and 8 but they thought they owned the street.
They would break peoples mirrors, car ariels, kick cars to get the car alarm to go off and some nights they did not go to bed until midnight!
People were too afraid to confront the parents as they threatened anyone who complained.
We ended up moving and did not even put a "For Sale" sign outside as they would have put buyers off purchasing our property.
But one of the most disgusting things they used to do was put dog poo on our car and they even smeared it on peoples doors.
I was SO GLAD to get away from there but apart from them it was quite a friendly area.

ComeOVeneer Thu 28-Sep-06 16:15:25

Our neighbours (who have thankfully moved a few weeks ago) were vile. They had 5 children that they had no control over. The used to throw all sorts of stuff over the fence into our garden icluding a brick that nearly hit dd. Plus they stole the newly planted conifers from our front garden. They could only commuicate by yelling and screaming at each other until all hours, which we could hear through the walls (terraced house). We put up with this for 3 years and typically now they are gone and peace has been restored we too are moving.

Donbean Thu 28-Sep-06 16:18:43

It took me about 12 months to settle down when we moved, i was so badly affected by our previous neighbours.
They were so loud and abusive that it was like they were in the room with me.
I reported them to ss and it got worse much worse till we moved.
The house has since been bourded up.

MamaGlamourPuss Thu 28-Sep-06 16:21:08

Mine are tame compared to yours, but Im going to moan anyway.

- he's ugly
- she's ugly
- he's got an ugly white truck which he insists on parking in front of my house so its all I can see when we sit at the dining table.
- he's obsessed with his coal fire. He will stoke and stoke and stoke every night in winter - it. is. fucking. stoked. Leave it!
- he's got rubbish taste in music and plays it too loud.
- he smells.

ProfYaffle Thu 28-Sep-06 16:31:31

Fortunately my immediate neighbours are nice but we have an infamous family living opposite and down a few houses from us. They commit the usual bad neighbour crimes, loud music, piles of rubbish outside, hoardes of people hanging around at all hours, about 10 vans (no exaggeration) parked up and down the street. Since they moved in I don't think they've ever had a full set of unbroken windows.

Their most entertaining moments were when 2 of the vans caught fire in the middle of the night and last week when the whole street were woken up to one of them screeching in the street at 1am before 3 police cars arrived and arrested a few of them.

Apparently, their immediate neighbours moved out because they couldn't stand it anymore. The neighbours came back after leaving to collect some of their stuff to discover that they had knocked a hole in the adjoining wall between the 2 houses (terraced) and were squatting in the neighbour's house!

SparklyGothKat Thu 28-Sep-06 16:31:46

I have had many problem neighbours. First one was an alcholic who would knock on my door at 2am asking for me to call 999. Her friends used to knock and offer us drugs.
I moved in 2000 into a 3 bed house and everything was fine in the street until my neighbours sons came out of prison. Last year was the worse year of my life. One of the sons came to my door, forced their way into my house, with a large group of mates and threatened to kill my DH. I phoned the police and after that they threatened us every time we went out, rotten food was thrown into my garden, my car was damaged, and I was very ill from the stress of it all. They were put into prison again in Aug last year for GBH with intent as they beat someone up to a pulp.
We moved again in Aug this year. So far the neighbours are ok. One of them I am a bit wary of as she has a drink problem. But so far its going well.

SparklyGothKat Thu 28-Sep-06 16:36:55

Oh I forgot that the other side were just as bad. They would scream and fight every weekend, and have very loud parties. DD1 used to wake up shaking because of the shouting...

briggy Sun 09-Aug-09 10:18:58

Hi, My eldest has taken youngest to stay with her dad for a few days & 1 of the neighbours has started on him. Next door said he could play in their garden whenever he wants, even when they're out. He was in there on Fri & next door started shouting abuse, swearing at him & hit him with a water bomb. Son is *6 N is 25/26!* Also there is history as N is eldest's ex & was cautioned last year for beating crap out of her & refusing to let her leave flat. So bad she hates going now. Is there anything I can do?

elmofan Sun 09-Aug-09 10:26:08

i have posted this in AIBU , but ive had to call the police this week on my next door neighbours as they keep driving into my car (parked outside house) then when we tell them they have hit the car once again (4 times in the last two years) they become abusive , they have bullied our ds , the list is endless .

smackapacka Sun 09-Aug-09 10:28:11

Loud noise is awful brain penetrating torture.

We have a single Mum next door with 2 teenage twins and she just seems to SCREAM at them all the time. She's quite 'negative' if you ever speak to her but it's the screaming that I hate. This morning there was really loud thumping music and it crossed my mind to say something. However I'm reluctant to go down that route as we're having another baby in Nov and it could just cause amunition for more arguments.

petunia Sun 09-Aug-09 11:31:37

In 1996, we moved into a new semi-detached house. The neigbours next door were a couple, their 6 month old and dog. We didn't see them often but we used to say "hello" to the wife; the husband just ignored us. They used to slam all their doors; both inner and outer ones. When the Dad left for work in the mornings, he used to shut their front door so hard, our bedroom radiators used to shake! Their back door was the worst though; the door would be slammed twice, each time they let the dog out and then back in again, and this was several times a day.
We asked them if they could just be "a bit more gentle with the doors", and they were for a few days, and then it went back to the way it was before. Over the 2 1/2 years we were there, I became a nervous wreck; I used to have the radio or TV on all the time, just to drown out the sudden noise from next door, and I tiptoed round the house (so that I couldn't be accused of making noise).

One Saturday evening about 10pm, (I was 7 months pregnant at the time) I'd been asleep on the sofa and got woken up by their back door going. DH decided to take matters into his own hands, and slam one of our inner doors several times (we'd never given them 'a taste of their own medicine' before). The next morning (a Bank Holiday Sunday), we were woken by the Dad at 8.30am doing DIY. DH turned to me and asked what I wanted to do and I said that I wanted to move. We were up at the sales office (it was a large housing estate and the builders were still building on it) when they opened at 11am that morning, and did a part-exchange for a detached house. We were out 9 weeks later and moved the day DD1 was due. We couldn't afford to move but I wasn't going to spend my maternity leave in that house, having a baby woken by them slamming doors.

Agree with Smackapacka- Loud noise is awful brain penetrating torture.

Deeeja Sun 09-Aug-09 17:34:43

My neighbours on one side have taken to pointing out how we can improve our garden etc, to make their lives better. Such as, if you took that weed out, grow some flowers it would be loely on our side, etc. I can't go out there without them racing out and offering their advice. I have only been here a few weeks and barely unpacked, is so difficult to get anything done in summer hols, and have three with autism. They really do irritate me, dh runs an hides from them.

Deeeja Sun 09-Aug-09 17:37:52

The other side are very judgemental nad have heard them in the garden discussing how we are chavs, particulatly me because I don't work, apparently I am lazy, and my kids are mad because they scream alot.
I just think they lead very boring lives.
The family across the road have 3 or 4 cars, sit outside in them paying loud music as soon as the sun comes out, and have a type of street party for their friends.
I think in about 6 months time, I will have gone mad living here.

franklymydear Sun 09-Aug-09 17:42:47

My neighbours are lovely

But then I'm a lovely neighbour too

MatNanPlus Sun 09-Aug-09 17:49:23

Oh where to start -

Our 1st house :

Middle aged son sponges off elderly father,
Drinks like a fish - the hard stuff,
Physically attacked DH 3 times all had me calling 999,
Used wood baseball bat on windows and walls at all hours of the night,
Threatening abusive language,
He filed several false reports and CPS 3 times told police they wouldn't proceed with cases as NOT IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST - WTF

He has also smashed garage / car port, windscreen, fence, security lights and camera and keyed car and camper van of neighbour on the other side of him.

He is a vile individual and has a solicestor for a sister so knows how far to go without getting into serious trouble and causing reasonable doubt by making up complaints about others that can't be proven or disproven.

blinktastic Thu 24-Dec-15 17:46:53

Neighbours that don't know how to shut a door and can only slam a door. Frequent door slamming with considerable force - a loud bang that sounds like a gun going off. They throw their rubbish and bottles out and then slam their door. This can happen upwards of 8 times an hour. They have endless fun and laughs doing it ... especially since I asked them not to slam their door, oh, and they have put a wind chime on the door so there is even more noise.

blinktastic Fri 25-Dec-15 12:48:09

It is Christmas - but my neighbours STILL need to chuck out their recycling and slam their door. Not one day of peace. Nice.

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