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footballers wives ?

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happycat Thu 08-Apr-04 13:10:34

Debate please are you considered sad if you watch it.Anyone else watch it?

hercules Thu 08-Apr-04 13:14:24

I dont watch it mainly because of i never did from the start so i dont know the story line. i have to say i do think all the reality shows are crap but fws looks just like light entertainment. rather read a good book personally but i am addicted to ee at the mo with dishy dennis.

Kayleigh Thu 08-Apr-04 13:18:47

It is complete and utter crap. And I loved every minute of it. Can't wait for next series. (oooh do you think there might possibly be one after that ending ?!)

And yes, I am probably very very sad.

happycat Thu 08-Apr-04 13:19:35

I think FW has the same appeal as Dallas.The story lines are so far fetched it's unreal and funny.Takes me away from the real world for an hour. Bloody hell I need to get out more

happycat Thu 08-Apr-04 13:21:31

There were so many cliff hangers there has got to be another one.I heard yesterday that Gary Lucy is leaving because he wishes to do more serious T.V roles

Thomcat Thu 08-Apr-04 13:42:30

Wants to leave to do mre SERIOUS roles!!!???????
What's more serious than pretending your mum's kid is yours, and the baby is neither boy or girls quite, your wife killing your ex best mate, who got your mum preganant, your wife dying due to anerevia, running up outrageous gambling debts, punching your own mother, getting into bar knuckle fighting, nearly arrested 5 mins b4 a huge game for pretending your 5 card had been stolen, smashing up your house, about to be sectioned and then running away like a nutter.

What does more does Mr Lucey want????!!!!!!

lou33 Thu 08-Apr-04 13:45:36

Someone on here said I look like one of the characters, but I don't watch it, and have forgotten who they said. Hope it is a glamorous one tho .

happycat Thu 08-Apr-04 13:47:23

who was it?

lou33 Thu 08-Apr-04 13:49:08

I forget! Am banging head against wall now, because I would like to find a piccie to see if I really do look like her. Am long dark hair tho if that helps.

Kayleigh Thu 08-Apr-04 13:55:03

Thomcat, do stop exaggerating. It was only 4 cars

Kayleigh Thu 08-Apr-04 14:05:59

and you forgot the bit about dressing your new girlfriend in your dead wifes clothes. Very serious stuff.

excel Thu 08-Apr-04 14:38:26

I love it too. Another sad case. Watched it each week without fail. But I can't belive it I missed the last 10ish minutes. I saw Karl lose the plot but what happened with Frank & Tanya? I was hoping to catch it on ITV2. Can anyone fill me in please.

Kayleigh Thu 08-Apr-04 14:44:17

excel, nightmare missing the last 10 mins !!!
Hope this helps :-
Frank sent a video round via his lawyer - must have told him "if she is pregnant soon after i die give her this"
He implies on the video the baby is his his. When she gets the condoms out the drawer and fills them with water they all leak. She is not happy !

excel Thu 08-Apr-04 15:02:39

Oh wow what a way to end it. I'd read that Tanya turns up in Bad Girls following a drugs bust so I thouht perhaps Frank had set her up.

I could see the TV but couldn't hear what was was going on. My DH had just come home and was ranting about his bad day at work right at the crucial moment so I missed it. I was not happy!
Thanks for filling me in.

Kayleigh Thu 08-Apr-04 15:11:09

Ahhhh. The drugs bust thing must be because Amber planted a package in Tanyas (very nice) red handbag.

Oh no, am I going to have to start watching Bad Girls now ?!!!!!!!!!

juniper68 Thu 08-Apr-04 17:02:39

I watched it for the first time last night and quite enjoyed it but it's finished So is the girl who was drunk in the loo (shannon?) dead? I think I must've missed some of it. When's the next series?

happycat Thu 08-Apr-04 17:05:23

Think she is asleep in an alley

juniper68 Thu 08-Apr-04 17:23:05

Cheers happycat

ColonelMustard Thu 08-Apr-04 17:35:46

I must be sad as I really like FW and watch it. Have done from the start.

sammac Thu 08-Apr-04 17:40:35

Funniest show on last night, so outrageous- lol at the video/leaky condoms. Even got dh watching it now. I would love to have some of Tanya's put downs- esp to Amber (see how I know their names!)

nightowl Fri 09-Apr-04 00:11:19

its soo trashy and i love it. Lou, was it Amber or Chardonnay? and i loved the bit where tanya threw the condom at the looked like it was drpping from Frank's nose!!

nightowl Fri 09-Apr-04 00:12:02

dripping even!

lou33 Fri 09-Apr-04 11:24:23

It might be, although I would feel v lucky to look like one of those (did a google search)!

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