where were you ten years ago?

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Yorkiegirl Sun 24-Sep-06 23:39:14

Message withdrawn

misdee Sun 24-Sep-06 23:40:38

i had just started my A level course, was 16 and lots of ambitions.

lou33 Sun 24-Sep-06 23:41:20

pregnant with dd2, living in luton, still with exh

lisalisa Sun 24-Sep-06 23:42:38

Message withdrawn

GreenLumpyTonsils Sun 24-Sep-06 23:43:54

I was in my second year at Oxford, had been with dh (then dp!) about six months, was smoking far too much dope and not doing any work, and painting huge surreal canvases while stoned, and playing in a folk band. It was bloody marvellous.

hana Sun 24-Sep-06 23:48:20

was newly arrived in london - supply teaching, hooked up with bf ( now dh!) living in notting hill ( those were the days!) and loving exploring my new city...

and now 3 little girls later, still in london, 7 years married....sigh
it's all fab

Nemo1977 Sun 24-Sep-06 23:50:18

10yrs ago...
I had just started uni, was engaged to a complete arse then met dh in the dec.
No kids and embarking into the big wide world for lots of fun and typical student lifestyle.

TambaTheDragonSlayer Sun 24-Sep-06 23:51:56

I was 13

I was still very innocent and used to play with dolls and climb trees alot. I recently found a list of my future childrens name ideas written when I was 13... it includes Loreal (cause shes worth it!) Scott, Tracy, Debbie and Jason....

Saturn74 Sun 24-Sep-06 23:52:03

DS1 was 8 months old and I was living down South.

Lact8 Sun 24-Sep-06 23:57:29

I was 20. 5 months pregnant and getting ready to move into my first house as a homeowner. I remember feeling very grown up but looking back I was sooo young. And looking at my about to expire passport photo I looked about 12!!

Gobbledigook Sun 24-Sep-06 23:57:40

I'd just come back from a Club 18-30 holiday in Ibiza with my friend [cringe!] and was back at work in London where I shared a flat in Putney with another friend.

I was 'seeing' my, now, dh at the time although he actually had a girlfriend already <slap hand> - norty gobbledigook!

I had just turned 24 (oh my god!)

fattiemumma Mon 25-Sep-06 00:01:35

i would have been studying for GCSE's, skinny and dating a guy called Jon.

He was a complete stud and all my friends were very jealous of me.

hunkermunker Mon 25-Sep-06 00:03:35

I'd just started a PGCE. I was probably going clubbing tomorrow night - so I'd have been in the bar tonight. I didn't finish the PGCE - I think I'm seeing a possible reason why... <hic>

colditz Mon 25-Sep-06 00:07:23

Bumming around with no job, no boyfriend, no kids, lots of friends and lots of beer! Had just finished school, was 16.

sallystrawberry Mon 25-Sep-06 00:12:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hunkermunker Mon 25-Sep-06 00:14:03

I was 21 as well, SS - didn't know we were the same age (had never really thought about it though, it has to be said)

redsky Mon 25-Sep-06 00:14:28

Ds was 9 and his autistic tendencies were overwhelming his life and mine. Dh and I were barely speaking. Dd was 4.

Ten years on ds is a well rounded, mature, popular teenager - gone to Nottingham university today!!!!
Dh and I married 25 years! I talk now but have learned to accept that dh will not always bother to answer.

Yorkiegirl Mon 25-Sep-06 00:14:34

Message withdrawn

sallystrawberry Mon 25-Sep-06 00:17:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ilovecaboose Mon 25-Sep-06 00:29:52

Would have been at school aged 13.

Would have had no idea about where I would be now

theunknownrebelbang Mon 25-Sep-06 00:48:34

Just turned 30, just started maternity leave and heavily pregnant with DS2, living a couple of miles away.

harrisey Mon 25-Sep-06 00:56:15

I was 25.
Living in trendy part of Edinburgh, teaching in a very hard school but loving it, supporting dh through his first hellish year as a doctor!
Drinking and eating too much!

Albert Mon 25-Sep-06 00:57:11

I was just about to be 33, had been married to DH for 3 years but didn't have DS then. We were living in a wooden log cabin near a massive park just outside Copenhagen, Denmark and both working for the World Health Organisation.

Alibaldi Mon 25-Sep-06 01:26:36

31 working for an international Telecomms company as Marketing Manager based in Surrey. Loving it. Loads of money no man - great life. Now wishing that had never changed. Although I'd be without the two biggest loves of my life - my boys.

ghosty Mon 25-Sep-06 01:31:29

26, living in Surrey, living with DH (but was my DBF then) in our first flat together - without flatmates ... it was our lurve nest , teaching and loving my job, out every Friday and Saturday night - drinking and dancing till the small hours, sleeping in till at least midday on Saturday and Sunday mornings .... oh, those were the days

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