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Too big for supermarket trolley?

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bobsmum Wed 07-Apr-04 13:40:16

Not me - ds.

He's 18 mths and something like 30lbs+ and v tall. Yesterday for the first time, he complained of the trolley being "sore" and was really fidgety all the way round Asda. He did look really squashed and jammed in.

What do you do with big toddlers in trolleys? He certainly wouldn't want to walk alongside me for the duration of a shopping trip. I'm sure I've seen much older kids still sitting in trolley seats. Do some supermarkets have bigger seats???

Bit of a small problem in the grand scheme of things, but it's going to make life difficult. grrrrrrrrrr

Debbiethemum Wed 07-Apr-04 13:55:10

I have always found them a bit of a squash. I put ds, when he will go in the trolley at all, in the middle so he is across two seats. He does look more comfortable there. We also use Asda, so I assume they are the same style trolleys

popsycal Wed 07-Apr-04 13:57:43

ds is 20 months, tall and at least 32lbs now
I fnd tescos trolleys more comfy for the 'larger little gentleman' than asda

not that I go round doing surveys or anything......!!!!

FairyMum Wed 07-Apr-04 13:58:39

I just put him in the trolley with all the shopping. Give him some raisins to eat or I hand him the shopping so he can help out.

Bozza Wed 07-Apr-04 14:03:27

Yes I used to put DS across the middle at Asda as well. Fortunately for me I get my main shop delivered but I have found now that when I take DS to the shops I cannot physically get him into the seat (he is 3.2 and I am 34 weeks pregnant) so I just sit him in the bottom. Thats not much good though if you need to fill that up with shopping is it?

WSM Wed 07-Apr-04 14:04:17

Bless & ROFL at 'larger little gentleman', Popsy !

CountessDracula Wed 07-Apr-04 14:04:25

Raisins fairymum? Arent' they just dried grapes? Now I think I know a thread that would interest you.....

FairyMum Wed 07-Apr-04 14:06:52


popsycal Wed 07-Apr-04 14:08:01

well....i could call him a fat b*****d if you prefer!

WSM Wed 07-Apr-04 14:13:13

Poor little fella

popsycal Wed 07-Apr-04 14:14:37

he is totally gorgeous - just a chunky monkey!!

back on subject......

WSM Wed 07-Apr-04 14:17:56

I know, have seen a piccie of him. He is a little chubby cherub of a chap (try saying that after a few shandies!).

I have to say that our local tesco has about 8 or 9 different types of trolley, one or 2 of them have really good, big and sturdy seats in them. I *think* they are labelled as 'special needs' trollies, ie for older,. heavier, less mobile children.

popsycal Wed 07-Apr-04 14:20:28

Oh of course you have!! I forgot about that! he still loves his little cars BTW!!

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