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Indyref comment about the election process .... NOT yes/no

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Waswondering Fri 12-Sep-14 20:29:43

Anyone else interested in the sheer logistics of electioneering? All party politics aside, at every election I am struck by the brutal schedule a bunch of middle aged politicians adopt to travel huge distances to show face in as many places as possible on each day of the campaign. Their hair, suits and make up remain impeccable (that's just the men!), and for weeks, it's a 7 day, 24hr programme.

I would crumple under that pressure!

I know it's their choice, but I am interested in the behind the scenes logistics.

When do they sleep? Go to the loo?
Is their hair coiffed at 6.30 each morning?
Who organises the dry cleaning?
Who books the helicopters?
Do they ever get to pull their pjs on t 7.30 pm and dive into a tub of Haagen Daas?
Then when it's over, there are days of fall out ...

Intriguing ....

PoliticalWife Fri 12-Sep-14 20:54:39

They sleep when they can.
They go to the loo wherever they can.
IME their wives organise drycleaning (and washing & food & car maintenance & kids & childcare & bills & mortgage & cleaning & & &)
Helicopters- haven't got that far yet.
Hagan daz & PJs- well in our house its curry & a beer with a film.

Fall out days- horrible if its gone badly- lots more beer, curry & friends needed then.
It's exhausting to watch- I have no idea how DH does it.

PoliticalWife Fri 12-Sep-14 20:57:16

And unless they get elected, before they are elected they are paid nothing for it. They are expected to campaign as much as possible (preferably full time) including evenings and weekends.
So DH is out 4-5 evenings every week, all day Saturday and often on Sundays.
For this he is paid nothing- not even expenses as he is only a candidate, not yet elected.

AgentProvocateur Fri 12-Sep-14 21:15:20

It's Nicola Sturgeon that amazes me - she seems to cover a huge amount of ground, starting early in the morning until late, and she's still smiling and able to string a coherent sentence together. I'm feeling half-dead tonight after five days in an office.

Waswondering Fri 12-Sep-14 21:28:21

Political wife ... Thanks for your insight. Glad you get curry and beer. But I can only guess at what empathy and support you give behind the scenes!

On tonight's news there was a thing about 7 cities in 7 days. Crikey, I went to a city 2h away on the train last week for work, and was dozy on the way home!!!

Waswondering Fri 12-Sep-14 21:30:46

Agent, yes. Nicola is always impeccably styled. I guess as a female politician, that's even more important.

UpAwfYerSeatWeeNippy Mon 27-Mar-17 21:10:08

Yes, she makes sure she looks presentable. You've got to look the part if you are scooting about in a helicopter.

That way when she disregards democracy including the will of the Scottish parliament her supporters have something to distract themselves with.

SNP MANIFESTO- Independence, Disregard democracy, Independence, Shoes, Independence, pretend to speak for the people, Hair, Independence, Blame the English AND REPEAT.

ReginaGeorgeinSheepsClothing Mon 27-Mar-17 21:13:26

Couldn't have said it better upawf !

P.s. I may steal this for next time am at friends home who's DH is a cyberNat!

UpAwfYerSeatWeeNippy Mon 27-Mar-17 21:18:27


UpAwfYerSeatWeeNippy Mon 27-Mar-17 21:53:32

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