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ebay question

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fairygirl Tue 06-Apr-04 19:56:01

I know this is really silly, but what does BNWT mean I see it on ebay all the time and I just can't work it out!

PORK Tue 06-Apr-04 19:56:44

brand new with tag

Freckle Tue 06-Apr-04 19:58:10

Brand New With Tags

Took me ages to work it out, I thought it meant Brand New Worn Twice! Thought it rather odd that (a) so many people only wore things twice before deciding they didn't want them and (b) how can they describe it as brand new if they'd worn it.

BNWOT is the same only WithOut Tags.

fairygirl Wed 07-Apr-04 07:19:18

Thank you it all makes sense now.

tylah Wed 03-Oct-07 00:24:12

BN - Brand New
BN&S - Brand New and Sealed
BNIB - Brand New In Box
BINP - Brand New In Packet

These are also very common

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