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Toddler Playgroups

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Lara Fri 11-Jan-02 12:32:39

Does aybody know any toddler groups in the Kent area- particularly Maidstone???

MotherofOne Fri 11-Jan-02 12:53:10

If you're in the South East (Surrey, Sussex, Kent mostly) and also Bath you could try It's the online version of the Parents listings paper which is delivered free in our area.

Dixie Fri 11-Jan-02 13:39:12

Lara, I recently moved to Kent & found it really difficult to get details of mum & toodler activities. (Kent County Councl was useless!).

However, I contacted the NCT website, they had a list of telephone numbers for local branches. From there I was put in touch with some wonderful wonderful mum's who have been a brilliant source of infomation! They have given me details of so many groups/activities, soft play area etc that My son & I now do things every day of the week!

I'm actually in Swanscombe (near Blue water shopping complex) but I recall seeing things listed over your way... Hope it helps, if you still have problems let me know & I'll ask my new sources of info next time we meet up......

Janus Fri 11-Jan-02 16:13:42

Just to say that I do a music class and Crechendo with my little one. Music is great, very relaxed, singing things like 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star' in a group together. Everyone I know who has done this say their children love it, mostly they all love rhymes and singing and just being with their own age group. Crechendo is good but a much bigger group. Really helps them gain confidence on their feet as part of it is climbing, crawling through tunnels, bouncing on trampolines, etc. We've been doing it for about 5 months or so and it is starting to get a little repetitive but will still go for a while. I keep meaning to try the various 1 o'clock clubs and wonder if anyone can just say what you do there?

jodee Fri 11-Jan-02 17:57:59

Have you tried your HV? She provided me with a long list of parent and toddler groups. Or look on the net at, which is a comprehensive guide to everything in your area.

Dixie Mon 14-Jan-02 12:14:15

Janus, I've been to a one o'clock club with friends and they have toys etc obviously (an outside area to run & play on bikes etc with a sand pit as well) Inside they are able to do Messy play (Painting & play-do) equipment & aprons etc are all provided. Then They have a break half way through with Juice & biscuit.

Lara, just to add...the places I've ben put in touch with are a sing-along group like what Janus mentions (it's in Meopham) hte 2nd half of the session lets them play with musical instruments as well. We also go swimmimg & are soon to try a gym-tots session for under 3's. The NCT group also meet up fortnightly where we play, do painting & sticking things etc.....

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