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My WHOLE house smells of cat pee - Bugger! What do I do?

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ghosty Wed 20-Sep-06 20:59:17

Not my lovely cat, I hasten to add! If I forget to lock the cat flap a nasty black tomcat comes in and nicks her food ... then proceeds to spray bits of the house. It's happened a couple of times before but only in one concentrated area (corner of the kitchen, corner of the hallway) so I have been able to mop etc.
But this morning I woke up (forgot to lock catflap last night - doh!) and the whole frigging house stinks - DS's room , bathroom, hallway, kitchen [anger] - he must have been on a bender!
Is there anything specific I can do or is it just a case of cleaning every inch? How? What do I put on the carpets? I am washing DS cuddly toys in the washing machine as I type ...

Also - apart from locking the cat door is there anything I can do to deter this ar$ehole cat? He is a mean bugger and sneaks in whenever he can - my cat just sits there terrified of him.

Why oh why don't people have their cats neutered???

ghosty Wed 20-Sep-06 21:07:49

<<waves arms frantically>>

Does nobody CARE?

ghosty Wed 20-Sep-06 21:19:12

Obviously not

<<ghosty goes off ALONE in a major huff to try and clean carpets of pee smell and invent (painful) deterrents for all nasty un neutered tomcats>>

HuwEdwards Wed 20-Sep-06 21:22:21

ok I googled for you - and the solution came from


HuwEdwards Wed 20-Sep-06 21:23:48

however 'spray' prob very diff from wee (never envisaged that I would ever have to type that sentence)

colditz Wed 20-Sep-06 21:25:02

I am afraid you with have to scrub everything that smells of cat - go round on your hands and knees and sniff everywhere nose height and below.

I would use something like ZOflora disinfectant because it has a very strong "fragrance" but it beat catpiss.

You may be able to deter him by moving her food to the upstairs landing, he won't be able to smell it from outside then, other than that you will have to lock the catflap, which defies the point of a catflap really.

pointydog Wed 20-Sep-06 21:27:23

Send your cat into tomcat's house. With hefty supply of extra-strength urine strapped to her underside.

I sympathise.

Do you need the cat flap?

ghosty Wed 20-Sep-06 21:35:32

Ah, thanks guys ... was feeling ignored then!

I am staying in this morning to go round and scrub .... bastard bloody cat .... I will castrate him personally if I get hold of him

Can't move the cat food - we live in a one story house

Need the catflap - I am out a lot and want our cat to come and go. But she does tend to stay in at night so if I remember to lock it then bc (bastard cat) can't come in at night ....

loler Wed 20-Sep-06 21:47:03

My vet told me a trick to get rid of spray smell - surgical spirit. It does work but makes the house smell like surgical spirit!

They also sell really good stuff in pets at home/petsmart (what ever they've changed their name to next!) - you wipe up the mess then pour the stuff on and leave it to dry - smells like baby bath.

We've moved our cat food into the bath - has addedd bonus of stopping ds eating it!

WishICouldGiveUpWork Wed 20-Sep-06 21:49:43

catch b*stard cat and have him neutered?

Jen1133 Tue 10-Sep-19 10:48:29

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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