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ladybird clothes website

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SHIREENSMOM Mon 05-Apr-04 15:40:57

does anyone no it i cant find it you no the woolworths web site i found that but no ladybird

Janh Mon 05-Apr-04 15:45:55

Well Ladybird belongs to Woolworths - what were you looking for, Nikki?

Janh Mon 05-Apr-04 17:05:26

This page has some pictures but that's all I could find.

SHIREENSMOM Mon 05-Apr-04 17:11:11

i looked on the woolworths website but i couldnt find clothes ikwim

SHIREENSMOM Mon 05-Apr-04 17:12:54

thank you oh bugger it it lookes like im goiong to have toy get off my arse and got to to wooloies in town

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