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Childrens hairdressers in Birmingham

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ljwonline Wed 20-Sep-06 15:32:44

A new childrens hairdressers has opened in Birmingham.
Themed with kids in mind it has an area for the kids to play while there waiting. a selection of DVDs are playing or games console for the older kids.
Free drinks are available, soft drinks for the kids and tea/coffee for the adult.

Children with special needs are more than welcome, the stylist has been working with children with special needs for over 7 years now.

People travel from as far as cirencester to have there hair cut at the salon. It's in Kings Norton, Birmingham, a quick search in google for childrens hairdressers in birmingham shows there website on the top if you want more info and contact details.

Ladies & gents more than welcome, for women there is normal salon services, hi-lites, blow drys etc all available.

Now available is a nail technician with pamper parties soon to be available.

If you have ever visited the salon please let us know what you think

MumtoLaura Wed 20-Sep-06 21:12:27

I took DD (who is 4). It seemed to be aimed more at toddlers?

ljwonline Wed 20-Sep-06 21:31:44

how long ago did you take DD?

It's been open about 3 months, It's not intentionally aimed at young kids. When it was first opened it only cut childrens hair, over the weeks mum & dads was asking for there hair cut as well so decided to do all ages.

It looks like it's aimed more at toddlers, lets face it, toddlers are harder to keep occupied and the soft playmats are there as toddlers are more likley to fall. But it's not. It's aimed at all ages.

It's only recently started to offer a full range of salon services, i.e. hi lites, colours etc. again, due to customer demands,...

how was the cut anyway? would you go back?

Blondilocks Wed 20-Sep-06 21:33:51

Are the hi-lites for the children? Don't tell my LO!!!

I saw a childrens salon when I was in Wilmslow. Quite a cool idea I thought, although I only saw it after taking LO to a normal salon.

ljwonline Thu 21-Sep-06 01:14:52

lol.. nah,... only for the adults........

ljwonline Thu 21-Sep-06 01:17:49

after saying that im not sure.....

i'll find out sometime and let you all know.... I think older kids, 12+ might be ok but not so sure about younger children..

redbull Thu 21-Sep-06 06:56:21

where abouts is it as iknow there is their is one by kings norton/west heath and there is one near harbourne

ljwonline Thu 21-Sep-06 09:49:05

Its the one by kings norton/west heath. It borders both. Near to west heath park & hospital.

I didnt know there was one in harbourne, I know there is one in Halesowen but I think £9 for a kids hair cut is pretty expensive so I never used them, and there still 30 mins away from south birmingham.
The one in kings norton is £5 & £6 per cut....
£7 for adults, adult blow drys from £7.50, kids £6.50 etc so it's priced reasonable.

Ear piercing is also available...

Blondilocks Fri 22-Sep-06 19:46:43

That's not too bad. Think I paid £9 for LOs first (& at the moment only) haircut in a salon.

Blondilocks Fri 22-Sep-06 19:47:13

I wouldn't let her have hilites just if she knew she could she might go on about it :S

Jazzminda Tue 22-Jan-13 16:07:52

hey guys smile my son is 20 months now, and really needs his first haircut, as he has got really long hair ^^ but im not looking for any old kind of hairdressers, i quite like what you have written about the hairdressers above and have been trying to find it, but without any luck sad how are the hairdressers called and which adress has it got? really greatfull for answers smile xx

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