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neetsmassi Mon 05-Apr-04 12:13:54

I have been reading about Reiki and am interested in trying it. Does anybody know of a Reiki healer in or around St. Albans that they would recommend.

Thanks in advance

Helsbels Mon 05-Apr-04 12:18:55

Hi neets,
how are you? There is a guild of reiki therapists - I will find the exact address and let you know. I do reiki - it's wonderful

Let me know how you are going on - I often think about you


neetsmassi Mon 05-Apr-04 12:25:13

Hello Helsbels

I did think about contacting you again but I don't want to impose. Although it sounds a bit new agey I am trying to look after my soul and drop the negativity. I am afraid I am still a bit suspicious but trying not to be and things are definitely better. Still don't know whether I believe there was nothing in it (re my earlier thread) but the future is more important than the past.

How are you? I hope that all is well with you.



Helsbels Mon 05-Apr-04 12:28:21

I'm fine thanks - pg and due on 14th July!! I am glad you are looking forward - don't ever worry about imposing - I would say if you were. Am going on mat leave in June but will be picking up e-mail from home so if you need me - mail me. We could do distance healing with reiki - you will se what I mean - it is a fantastic thing. I will send you love and light but it seems as you have one and have seen the other xx

neetsmassi Mon 05-Apr-04 12:34:46

Thank you Helsbels. I am so pleased for you - I did not realise that you were pregnant. Much love to you and your new baby. I would be interested in distance healing with reiki but only if you are feeling up to it - I remember what it was like being heavily pregnant - I just wanted to sleep (but couldn't as I was too big and uncomfortable). Be sure to take care of yourself.


sibble Mon 05-Apr-04 21:07:32

Hi Helsbels, distance healing - great suggestion. Are you still practising while pregnant? DH has a bee in his bonnet about me taking on negative energy so I am only treating myself and family (he is over protective after m/c last year when I was treating a fair few people). I am due 11/08.
Am also interested, do you practice as a side line or 'full time' IYKWIM. Sorry to be nosey but am intersted...
I am currently practicing more as a side line but want to set up full time once baby born....

Helsbels Wed 07-Apr-04 13:05:46

Hi Sibble, sorry for delay!! I only practise on friends really - some at work some family but people I am sure of. I only do it as a sideline and do not charge for it. However, I want to do the same as you when this baby is born. I always protect myself with symbols (even when going shopping!!) and am very careful with negative energy, I am very sensitive to it but feel as if pregnancy is my shield HTH

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