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Bristol people - moving back, need help with areas please.

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Kittypickle Tue 19-Sep-06 22:12:04

We've decided that we are moving home to Bristol which is where I grew up and where my family are. The last time we lived anywhere near was 4 years ago when we were in Brent Knoll. Not sure that I want to be that far out again as I have visions of pottering about in Clifton as I did in my life before children and would like to be a bit closer, though probably deluded that I will get the chance to do this! It's all changed a bit since I actually lived in Bristol which is nearly 10 years ago now.I have a DD who is 7 (and has mild SN)so schools are a big issue. I'm thinking maybe Backwell/Churchill area at the moment but could do with some other suggestions of places to have a look at, many thanks !

admylin Wed 20-Sep-06 16:23:13

I would also like to know about Bristol as dh has a jobapplication being reviewed there! I would loveto come to the UK as we are now in Berlin but I am from up north (cumbria) and have never been to Bristol, so whats it like?!

yeahinaminute Wed 20-Sep-06 17:20:44

Montpellier is very chi chi now - if you want to be near the centre.

Or Redland if you want to be nearish to Clifton

All according how much you have to spend and what your priorities are - schools, restaurants etc ..

yeahinaminute Wed 20-Sep-06 17:29:51

Ok well Bristol is thriving - massive regeneration in the docks area and geographically pretty perfect - near to M4, Wales, Sea, hills countryside etc ( actually I shouldn't be BIG UPPING Bristle - I'm from Bath !!)

Backwell etc are good but I'm not too hot on that side of Bristol - Chipping Sodbury is nice and some good schools there - But Yate is a bit iffy. S. Glos has some brilliant schools ( DD will be going to our local village school next Sept and is in the S. Glos catchment)and i know they are very "up" on SN provision in most of them.

info on Bristol

Kittypickle Wed 20-Sep-06 17:31:03

School is priority I think and having had a discussion with DH we've decided that it will need to be one of the villages outside as he doesn't want to be back into a city. Montpelier brings back memories of some very drunken nights staggering around on my way back to friend's house at Kingsdown many moons ago when it wasn't a sensible place to be staggering round at 1am - please let DD be more sensible when she gets to that stage !

Does anyone know anything about north of Bristol eg. Thornbury etc ? And, what is Portishead like these days ?

Kittypickle Wed 20-Sep-06 17:33:35

Sorry yeahinaminute, just seen your second post. I think I am going to have to look into S.Glos a bit more, I've heard good things about the schools but that was ages ago. Interesting to hear they are generally up on SN, I have been worrying about this a bit.

QueenPeaHead Wed 20-Sep-06 17:35:44

backwell school is meant to be excellent. flax bourton and backwell are nice villages, or long ashton if you want something a bit bigger. v easy to get into bristol from there. don't know about SN particularly.

did you know that harvey nichols is coming to the redeveloped broadmead area ! just to convince you you are doing the right thing in moving back

tortoiseshell Wed 20-Sep-06 17:46:47

Good schools are Backwell, Churchill in N.Somerset, St Mary Redcliffe school, and I guess the new one, Redland Green in the city, and the Ridings in S. Gloucestershire. Otherwise, city centre schools are awful. I really like the idea of living somewhere like Congresbury, Failand or Wraxall. Nailsea is very popular and has a good primary school, plus a station with good rail links into the centre, or down to Weston. And it's convenient for Backwell school.

yeahinaminute Wed 20-Sep-06 17:49:03

Here's a link to the S. Glos Schools

S. Glos

I can definitely vouch for Marshfield School - the Ofsted has given it Excellent in it's provision for Special needs

BTW - If you fancy village life - Marshfield is lovely !!

Kittypickle Wed 20-Sep-06 18:16:28

Oh result with the Harvey Nichols, clearly it is time for me to return

I've been wading through the North Somerset School guide and Wraxall and Failand which I did like the idea of so that I could just shoot over the suspension bridge. But they fall under Nailsea and St Katherine's, as does Long Ashton. I'm a bit dubious about both of them. I think Backwell has done really well now consistently for years. My brother has been saying that we should look at Flax Bourton. I need to decide whether Churchill is too far out.

I am going to wade through some of the Ofsteds in S. Glos later as well. Marshfield looks really lovely, shall have a closer later. Thank you all, this is helping me a lot. Though given the job the estate agents have done on my house details I think it's going to a slow start with viewings on here - I have never seen anyone manage to make a house look so bad. They are coming back tomorrow to try the details again, after which they are sacked if they can't do a decent job and I shall have to try some of the other nightmare agents round here.

tortoiseshell Wed 20-Sep-06 19:02:44

I've got friends with children at Nailsea primary which they are really pleased with - I can't imagine you wouldn't get into Backwell from nailsea - they share a station! It is a lovely drive into Bristol through Wraxall/Failand - that's where I would live ideally, if I hadn't been sucked into city life.

Kittypickle Wed 20-Sep-06 19:35:14

I have seen something in Failand that we could just about afford, but that falls under St Katherine's. The primary schools in Nailsea look good, but I am slightly dubious about the secondary at the moment. I think I need wine, this is beginning to stress me out !

ATS Sun 05-Apr-09 12:32:22

Backwell? Whats it like to live there with kids? WE have 3 under 5 and are moving out from Bristol, is there a good community feel to the place with lots going on for children and parents?

saggyhairyarse Sun 05-Apr-09 21:11:00

I live in Ham Green near pill. This is a very good location if you like Clifton, it is ten mins to Susension Bridge. My kids go to school in portishead, schools are very good here (as hey are in Backwell). I would srongly recommend you look at portishead.

DS2 broke my keyboard so aologies for errors

toby50 Wed 19-Mar-14 14:07:22

Hi still looking for somewhere to live within commuting distance of Bristol. hubby is there but too slow at looking at property and the ones we like get sold asap!! now looking at Congresbury but worried it is too far out and possibly a big town rather then a village. Any advice would be lovely - thank you

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