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any parish councillors here?

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robinw Tue 26-Mar-02 19:27:41

message withdrawn

SueDonim Tue 26-Mar-02 23:55:13

Not a Parish councillor, but I've been involved with our Communuty Council (the Scots version of a Parish council, I think) over proposed school closures. I've enjoyed the meetings I've been to especially the local politics and who bears a grudge against whom, tee hee!

The CC are lending support to our campaign to keep our local school. They do indeed consider and comment on planning applications, if they will affect the area in some way. They have at last got a speed restricion in our village, hurrah. They make major contributions to the council 5 year Area Plan, are working to draw up a footpath network in the area and support community activities in various ways. Nothing is mind-blowing stuff but they are things that help make day-to-day life better. I'd consider being one myself if we weren't moving. HTH

Marina Wed 27-Mar-02 09:23:44

I was a PCC member (and Secretary) for a few years in my local parish, and enjoyed it very much, but the remit is different, and much smaller, in urban areas. I would seriously consider it, Robinw. From posts in the past I've had the impression that you are not 100% happy with where you are living, and joining in something like Parish Council work will give you a say in local affairs and maybe lead to new acquaintances and friendships. And whoever asked you obviously wants your input - go for it!

manna Wed 27-Mar-02 13:20:35

I have been a pcc member on and off for the last 6 years. However - we deal exclusively with church stuff - I never gt a chance to bend parking regulations to my will - mores the pit. Whats the difference between what I do and what robinw's been asked to do, anyone?

robinw Wed 27-Mar-02 21:44:30

message withdrawn

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