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Best hair salon/dresser in Manchester

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puffling Tue 19-Sep-06 09:43:37

Can anyone recommend an excellent hairdressser or salon in Manchester City Centre. I used Andrew Collinge for several years but they would often keep me waiting for up to an hour after the appt time! Harvey Nichols is good but last time I went my hairdresser carried on an argument over my head for the entire cut!
I've got v. wavy hair and have the constant dilemma of having it cut to suit the curls or blow dried straight. I want someone who understands hair and will make an effort.

c121145 Tue 19-Sep-06 11:30:48

Hi Dawn,
I use Terrance Paul (both in the centre and Didsbury - although tbh I prefer the Didsbury one) but they have both been good, and I can say that they have given me the best haircuts that I've had!
They were also recommended to me by another mum.

shhhh Tue 19-Sep-06 17:50:10

People I used to work with used to rave over "razors edge". Not been myself so not own experience. Also toni and guy seem to be good where ever..?? DH uses one local to us just outside of Manchester.

Theres one in Kendals..? How about them..?

Mum2Lucas Sun 02-Sep-07 20:40:20

When pregnant I treated myself to a trip to Nicky Clarke in the triangle for a cut and colour - it was amazing. The service was great and the hairstyle fantastic. Unfortunately too expensive to repeat on a regular basis. I tried Razor's Edge and used to have my hair cut by the manager, it was great until I wanted a new style and realised he was a one-style man (that was about 7 years ago though). I also went to Vidal Sassoon a few times 2 years ago. It was good but didn't really justify the price tag. I now go to the Hair Cuttery on Deansgate, it's much more affordable but just as professional and I've never had a cut or colour I haven't liked. I have my hair cut with Emma and my colour with Rachel (Emma doesn't do colours).

ZZMum Sun 02-Sep-07 20:49:06

I have same sort of hair and live in Manchester so will watch this with interest -- I live near Didsbury so am going to try out c121145 suggestion as I want a new one... I have used Macleod Bradley -- I really rate Clairine but hate the way they push products at you ... Heaven is good -- esp Josh.. who transformed my mop of curls and frizz into the best hair cut I have ever had... shame (with the colour) it cost over 140 quid!! I used to go to Razor's edge years ago -- was good then but no idea now...

I have still to sort out the straight v curly dilemma though... and am yet to get a hairdresser who can create a style out of my hair that I can manage...

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