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Popsycal hows the paint choosing going??

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melsy Sun 04-Apr-04 11:25:54

I had to sign off for a veg on sofa lastnight, as was a bit drunk on ONE glass of wine. Hows the decorating plans going???

melsy Sun 04-Apr-04 11:51:07

No Popsy this morning ???

mummysurfer Sun 04-Apr-04 12:10:35

and the holiday plans?
have you booked anywhere yet?

melsy Sun 04-Apr-04 12:33:17

Hi mummysurfer. Are you really a long haired gorgeous dude man!!

melsy Sun 04-Apr-04 12:46:25

Sorry In a very silly mood this morning.

mummysurfer Sun 04-Apr-04 12:51:57

only surfing i do is netsurfing!!
don't even like swimming.

melsy Sun 04-Apr-04 12:54:26

Im sure I saw her here this morning??

mummysurfer Sun 04-Apr-04 12:55:19

yes i think i did too

popsycal Sun 04-Apr-04 19:37:25

i am back now - was here breifly this morning!!!
well, i already had a sandstone tester that someone suggested that fell out in the car
i really like it but it is too dark for my very dark hallway and stairs.....
we have tried wheatgerm and softstone (both crown) and too pinky
and jetties by new england - way too light......
looking for something in the same tone as sandstone (b&q) but paler....
still can't find your dulux ones melsy!

kiwisbird Sun 04-Apr-04 19:48:42

call if off popsy and go for magnolia LOL I'm sure thats what you're describing!

melsy Sun 04-Apr-04 19:51:52

Eeer kiwi you got shares in Magnolia or summin!!!!!LOL

melsy Sun 04-Apr-04 19:52:34

Just going to load Dulux & see If i can find them. Normally crashes my pc I may be a while!!!

popsycal Sun 04-Apr-04 19:54:35

they are magnolia now - i am trying to expand my colour scheme!!!1
it needs to be a biscuity colour not cream
although if i fail to find what i like it is going to be 'smock' by crown

kiwisbird Sun 04-Apr-04 19:56:10

Have you something in the colour you like that you can whizz down to B+Q with this week? Like in the adverts? Go raid someones knickers off the line etc... Still who's got beige knickers....

popsycal Sun 04-Apr-04 19:57:33


CP3 Sun 04-Apr-04 19:58:49

oooh Popsy ive got a good one. Its by crown and called Liquer. Just done our hall in it, i call it a toffee fudgy colour. Not too dark and not too light!

kiwisbird Sun 04-Apr-04 20:00:41

Baileys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats the colour you need right?
Great excuse to get a bottle, you only need to leave an inch in the botton for colour matching!

TheCODfather Sun 04-Apr-04 20:01:29

i know the colour

natural whicker or ivory lace

kind of a " cafe au lait" colour?

TheCODfather Sun 04-Apr-04 20:01:58

smock quite yella

popsycal Sun 04-Apr-04 20:02:48

yes that is the colour!!!!!
baileys! well done!"!!

TheCODfather Sun 04-Apr-04 20:03:24

natural wicker

popsycal Sun 04-Apr-04 20:04:17

natural that crown?

TheCODfather Sun 04-Apr-04 20:04:18

scroll down

TheCODfather Sun 04-Apr-04 20:06:03

here it is again

popsycal Sun 04-Apr-04 20:08:03

thats it coddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
sorry about !s

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