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Question of Utmost Importance

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marthamoo Sat 03-Apr-04 20:23:00

Dh and I have innies. Ds1 and Ds2 have outies. Which made me outies turn into innies as you get older? Or is it once an innie always an innie, and ditto with outies?

Most kids these days seem to have outies but I am fairly sure mine's always been an innie (apart from when pregnant when I emerged as an outie, and it didn't feel right at all). Do they *fasten off* differently these days?

Of such stuff great philosophical questions are made.

grumpyzebra Sat 03-Apr-04 20:25:23

And my irrelevant question is: I want to know how often people brush their teeth (almost 5x/day for me). -GZ (not sure about the innies-outies, thing, but I always thought it was a life-long set thing...).

papillon Sat 03-Apr-04 20:26:35

my midwife said you have wot u have... nothing to do with the *fasten off*
was news to me.

popsycal Sat 03-Apr-04 20:27:55

oh i have an innie
so much of an innie that it didnt 'pop' when pregnant....

Tinker Sat 03-Apr-04 20:29:17

Well, I thought they were tied differently these days, hence why lots of kids seem to have outies but I'm sure mears once said that this wasn't the case. In which case, why then?

Teeth get brushed at least once per day - that's not good enough is it?

marthamoo Sat 03-Apr-04 20:29:41

Twice a day GZ, usually. More if I'm going out somewhere. Five times!?

kiwisbird Sat 03-Apr-04 20:30:25

i have inny that outed when pregnant and got a thorough cleaning out... well it killed time
DS has innie DD has outie
I brush 2 x a day DH is bit more anal about it brushing before he leaves the house every time...
e got told of by his dentist for over brushing his enamel was suffering....
this was excuse to buy state of art science made electric toothbrush

hercules Sat 03-Apr-04 20:31:32

All outies here.
I brush 4 times a day and have some fillings. DH just once and has no fillings at all!!!!!! Mind you he rarely has sweet things.

grumpyzebra Sat 03-Apr-04 20:34:05

I am very gentle because my enamel isn't so great, either, but have lots of fillings from lazier days in distant past and am horrified to think of ever having another cavity. The idea of losing my teeth is almost a phobia, and I just don't like the feeling of my teeth being anything but very clean. The kids and DH are all usually 2x/day.

mum28 Sat 03-Apr-04 20:42:25

i have an inny,dd has an innie and so does daddy.we brush our teeth twice a day,lucky dp has had no fillings etc but i think it has something to do with having his teeth plastic coated when he was at school.i wish mine looked as good as his!.

marthamoo Sat 03-Apr-04 20:47:30

Plastic coated teeth, mum28, how cool is that? I want some!

hercules Sat 03-Apr-04 20:56:56

No actually we are all innies. Not sure why i said outties.

marthamoo Sat 03-Apr-04 20:57:48

Fruedian slip hercules? Subconsciously you desire to be an outie?

marthamoo Sat 03-Apr-04 20:58:02

I can spell Freudian!

emmatmg Sat 03-Apr-04 20:58:04

All 5 of us have innies, although DS1 has the least innie of us all as it's almost flat. Doesn't stick out though.

4 of us clean teeth morning and evening. DS3 doesn't even know what a toothbrush is as he hasn't got any teeth yet

hercules Sat 03-Apr-04 20:59:23

oooh marthamoo!!!
No, I would not!!!
(or am i being toodefensive )

marthamoo Sat 03-Apr-04 21:01:49

Methinks she doth protest too much

marthamoo Sat 03-Apr-04 21:02:46

Have to say that while my boys' outies are cute, I prefer an innie for myself.

Emma, nice to have a matching set!

MrsDoolittle Sat 03-Apr-04 21:07:46

Had an outie as child and it developed into an innie. Now 40 weeks pregnant and waiting to drop, it's still in!!!!!

marthamoo Sat 03-Apr-04 21:15:11

Aha, so they can change! Thanks Mrs D!

hercules Sat 03-Apr-04 21:16:09


marthamoo Sat 03-Apr-04 21:17:20

Perhaps you can do exercises....

marthamoo Sat 03-Apr-04 21:17:51

In out in out, shake it all about.

hercules Sat 03-Apr-04 21:18:04

Or meditation. You know, think it in or out...

hercules Sat 03-Apr-04 21:18:34

Regular poking or pulling..

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