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Who rules the roost!! Anyone want the video

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stace Sat 03-Apr-04 16:54:02

of the one with the husband and wife who didnt want kids but took on sister/sil's 2 kids after she died?????

SHIREENSMOM Sat 03-Apr-04 17:11:13

me me me me please

charliecat Sat 03-Apr-04 17:21:00

Did you like it then?

charliecat Sat 03-Apr-04 17:25:53

Just read your email!!! Yes you did!

SHIREENSMOM Sat 03-Apr-04 17:27:48

ok not me

stace Sat 03-Apr-04 17:29:33

shireensmom, email me through contact a talker with your address and ill send it on to you. It was really good!!!

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