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The GENUINE April Fools

(23 Posts)
prettycandles Thu 01-Apr-04 16:07:18

Happy Birthday to me!

Any other April Fools around?

bundle Thu 01-Apr-04 16:08:39


Marina Thu 01-Apr-04 16:09:37

So you're both 21 again today...or am I being a dim bulb? Happy birthday!

lydialemon Thu 01-Apr-04 16:13:30

My brother is 26 today! Happy Birthday everyone

bundle Thu 01-Apr-04 16:14:55

I'm 39 today but surprisingly chipper about it
how old are you prettycandles?

prettycandles Thu 01-Apr-04 16:15:52

Marina, if I was 21 today, then I'd be in prison for having robbed the cradle when we got married! As my ds said today, I'm "a big 3" (cos he's "a little 3" - but that's all I'm admitting to!

Hippo Birdies to us!

spacemonkey Thu 01-Apr-04 16:16:35


prettycandles Thu 01-Apr-04 16:17:18

Well, put it this way, Bundle - younger! (But not by much!)

bundle Thu 01-Apr-04 16:17:39

are you painting the town pink tonight? I'm off out with my ante natal group..always too much wine drunk

bundle Thu 01-Apr-04 16:18:18

just given out wodges of cake as this is my last day at work this week

Marina Thu 01-Apr-04 16:19:47

dh is FORTY-ONE tomorrow. Have primed ds to go in and tell everyone at school...enjoy your evenings, o wise Fools

bundle Thu 01-Apr-04 16:20:19

bunny2 Thu 01-Apr-04 16:20:44

me too, Im an April Fool PC and Bundle, glad I'm not alone.

bundle Thu 01-Apr-04 16:21:25

(I was born just after 10pm so not REAL food )

prettycandles Thu 01-Apr-04 16:24:26

Of course you're a real Fool, Bundle! I've always thought this noon business was a swindle!

JanHR Thu 01-Apr-04 16:25:39

Happy birthday to everyone whose birthday s is today.

bundle Thu 01-Apr-04 16:27:06

when I was little I thought mum had made it up to save my feelings

Janh Thu 01-Apr-04 16:27:40

dd1 is 22 today. Her housemates took her on a mystery trip to Alton Towers yesterday, dd2 and I went over to Leeds for shopping and lunch today, and they are all going out clubbing tonight. Also dd2 has given her a dancemat for her playstation so they will be having lots of fun - wish I had their energy!

Happy birthday to pc, bundle, lydialemon's brother and bunny too!

roisin Thu 01-Apr-04 16:32:21

Happy birthday prettycandles, bundle and bunny2! Hope you're having a special day.

bundle Thu 01-Apr-04 16:45:44

dd1 made me a card, a picture of her and dd2 which dh had drawn (they look like a combination of rugrats and the simpsons kids) and dd1 had stuck sequins & googly eyes all over) - she signed her name and it was LEGIBLE for the first time ever


bluebear Thu 01-Apr-04 16:48:52

Happy birthday birthday fools!

bunny2 Thu 01-Apr-04 17:50:13

thankyou, I've been given 3 birthday cakes so far. Do you think I have a reputation?

Hulababy Thu 01-Apr-04 17:52:39

Happy birthday. Hope you have lovely days

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