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New Business Venture

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Twinkie Thu 01-Apr-04 14:07:59

I have decided what I am goign to do post birth of baby no2 and just wanted to know if anyone thought it would be a good idea??

I am going to do a dressmaking course and specialise in maternity wear - I mean how hard can it be to run up some nice a line maternity skirts and stuff like that nice colours and styles and hopefully one day I will get a bit more adventurous and really start to design stuff.

Not sure where I would sell it though but may send out a few bits to any pregnant mums once I have started to get some feedback.

Is there anything about maternity wear that people can't buy or would like??

jampot Thu 01-Apr-04 14:12:11

When I was pregnant with ds I was ENORMOUS or at least my front was. I found that all maternity skirts, dresses etc pulled up at the front and I could never look nice. Also I had to resort to buying size 18/20 maternity instead of my usual 14 which made the rest of me look baggy. Also maternity stuff (in the shops) always looks insipid to me in beige and navy.

Twinkie Thu 01-Apr-04 14:16:47

No I would make lovely stuff in nice big print or nice summery flowery skirts - not twee really cool and fashionable - I can't find any patterns for maternity cloths so may go out and buy a few bits and pull them apart and try and make my own!!

Janstar Thu 01-Apr-04 14:19:37

Chip off the old block, aren't you? I sew.

Great idea, I approve. Enterprising.

Twinkie Thu 01-Apr-04 14:20:49

Thanks Mum - thing is Haven't sewn for years but I have a good eye for quirky fashion and just thought there was a gap in the market!! - Now to hunt out that sewing machine!!

Jennyb851 Fri 02-Apr-04 01:01:11

Where to start? No jeans or trousers with front panels or big arse. My arse did not grow. front panels okay if you can find a long top. Guess what? i couldnt, they were all fitted and with 32F boobs a fitted top is not a good idea. Plenty more moans if you require them!

miranda2 Fri 02-Apr-04 08:15:00

Smart trousers for work.
Smart dressses for weddngs.
Clerical shirts??!! Seriously, none of the clerical outfitters do maternity shirts - my friend got offered mens shirts when she asked!! As more and more young women go into the church there's a real gap in the market here. She had to wear a sort of bib with clerical collar under a plain maternity top - not ideal if you're up the duff in summer. Bit specialised maybe - but worth considering? I'm pretty sure you can get patterns for normal clerical stuff so you'd have the collar design.
I looked at patterns when preg but though there were some they were all shapeless tent dresses. I'm sure you could measure/unpick some old maternity garments to get ideas of dimensions etc though.

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