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What's the best April Fools you've ever done or had done to you?

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Flip Thu 01-Apr-04 10:05:07

Come on I'm sure you've all got some April fools that have been played on you or you've played on other people. I've got a cracker but I'm sharing unless you do.

gold123 Thu 01-Apr-04 10:08:36

haven't got any Im afraid, but did you see the one on GMTV this morning about the diet tap water ?

wobblyknicks Thu 01-Apr-04 10:16:58

I saw that - thought it was funny, but my mum actually fell for it!!

Flip Thu 01-Apr-04 10:19:44

You have time to watch TV in the morning? What am I doing wrong? No I didn't see it but I did glance at the Daily Mail and there's a picture in there of the Queen with her corgi's in a betting shop. But that's probably true!

butterflymum Thu 01-Apr-04 10:23:34

Never usually bother much about April Fools, but our eldest has talked about it for the past week.Hubby thought it might be fun to do something this year for his benefit.

After the boys went to sleep last night, I went in and replaced eldest son's (7yrs) school uniform (trousers, polo shirt, sweater) with his old 'age 4' set. He, he, just wakened and still slightly sleepy son did look rather funny this morning when he got dressed for school!

He saw the fun side of it and had a good laugh with us.


bundle Thu 01-Apr-04 10:27:18

heard the ARchers one on Radio 4...twigged straight away (it's my birthday, see, so used to it )

ks Thu 01-Apr-04 10:29:26

Message withdrawn

Flip Thu 01-Apr-04 10:29:39

The department I work in played a cracking one last year on our neighbouring department. We caught everyone out. Want to know what we did?

ks Thu 01-Apr-04 10:33:07

Message withdrawn

Flip Thu 01-Apr-04 10:38:19

Are you sure you want to know?

ks Thu 01-Apr-04 10:46:12

Message withdrawn

sis Thu 01-Apr-04 10:47:47

yes, I want to know too!

Flip Thu 01-Apr-04 10:51:37

We planned our April fool well in advance. The department next door is the payline department and they are on a very tight schedule. In my department we produce all the payslips and reports for going out to the clients. They go into boxes in alphabetical order and then go through into the payline department for putting into envelopes. It is crucial that they are kept in order and the department are really fussy about the odd one being out of sync. So we decided to play our little joke on them and for the weeks leading up to April the 1st we collected up all the rubbish payslips and reports that were being binned. We printed their work as usual but left it in our office and instead I took through the two boxes of rubbish stacked on top of each other. I conveniently tripped just inside their office door and threw the boxes up into the air and out across the office. The six people sat closest on the helpdesk were showered with reports and payslips and the girl who’s job it was to split them burst into tears. I apologised quickly and then scarpered out of the office slamming the door leaving paper strewn all over the office.

It didn’t take long for the manager to come through and we were all rolling on the floor laughing. He soon realised he’d been had and we went through into the payline department with tears streaming and shouted gotcha. The manager was in awe of how much work had gone into the joke and also the fact that we’d preserved his real work in alphabetical order. They were all good sports and swore to get us back. So I’m glad I’m on Mat leave today. I dred to think what they have in store for the department.

Hulababy Thu 01-Apr-04 19:54:13

Heard about the GMTV's diet water one this morning through another teacher at school. We were taking about diet's and lunch and she brought this up. She only realised it was a hoax when we told her the date - bless her

popsycal Thu 01-Apr-04 21:06:38

Well, I do one that gets my class every year and this year it went down a treat.

They get a little test and there is an instrcution at the top: read ALL question before you begin this test......

so they are meant to read everything before they start answering.

So it starts off believable...then gets gradually more bizarre....then ends up with things like - close one eye and cross your legs

Then read this backwards: loof lirpa
and then tells them not to do any of the test and to watch the rest of their class make a fool of themselves

only ONE child followed the instructions carefully and didnt do any of the test. the rest sat merrily answering bizarre question until they got to the april fool bit at the end

made me chuckle

mummytojames Thu 01-Apr-04 21:17:45

my fil as a april fool joke told my dp going back now that because he and my mil like me they thought it was time that he settled down and asked me to marry him he looked at me as if to say is this a joke and i said dont worry i understand so he got down on one knee infront of his parents and proposed and i asked him what was he going to do if i said yes he looked horrified because we had only been dating a while then his father just bent down and whispered in his ear april fool which made him fall over through releif more than anything and got us back by shouting f**** i think i have broken my leg when i bent down to help him up he just looked at me and said looks like im not the only one thats been april fooled

ks Thu 01-Apr-04 22:47:05

Message withdrawn

Janh Fri 02-Apr-04 12:04:09

I think this must have been the Indie's.

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