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I've got a friend.........

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jampot Wed 31-Mar-04 17:26:26

who has recently split up with long term girlfriend. He's about 5'9 medium build, brown hair, 2 eyes, easy going, (apparently) quite romantic, trainee lawyer. Lives in South Birmingham. He likes petite women. (25-40)

Also have another pal who is Asian and she is looking for an Asian lad (26-32), tall preferably and hunky!

God I feel like a pimp!

jampot Wed 31-Mar-04 17:26:58

Sorry, candidate number 2 is also a trainee lawyer.

lou33 Wed 31-Mar-04 17:49:44

I have a friend who is looking for love too Jampot. He's a lovely bloke as well.

Jennyb851 Thu 01-Apr-04 01:54:33

Does your friend have any interest in petite 26yr old insomniacs with 2 kids?

Ghosty Thu 01-Apr-04 03:31:56

Jampot ... LOL at '2 eyes' ... sorry ... am not particularly petite (specially since having a baby) and am married but wish him luck from me

toddlerbob Thu 01-Apr-04 03:39:18

Classic, a mumsnet dating service!

lou33 Thu 01-Apr-04 11:36:54

Mine would Jenny. He came out of a 12 year relationship because he wanted children and she wouldn't. He's great with kids.

jampot Thu 01-Apr-04 20:01:36

Jenny - I'm sure he wouldn't have too much of a problem with insomniac as for kids I can make discreet enquiries can't see it being a problem though!!!

michellefromlakeland Thu 01-Apr-04 20:15:54

Is the trainee lawyer and ex teacher?

jampot Thu 01-Apr-04 21:23:08

Michellefromlakeland - I don't understand your question?

Jennyb851 Fri 02-Apr-04 00:53:50

I have this problem though, i attract 3 types of men:

18yr olds.
Male Model Type Commitment phobes. (As in long disapeard father of dd, not bitter at all)

Am thinking of chatting up the nice man i deal with at the CSA.

Am thinking of going for men 30 or over with a bit of honesty about them? she says slinking off to the convent with an air of defeat.

Whats a boyfriend anyway, i cant remember

jampot Fri 02-Apr-04 09:50:45

Why is it a problem attracting 18yr olds and male models Jenni? I'd swap places with you any day!!!!!

kiwisbird Fri 02-Apr-04 10:02:42

you can meet them at the weirdst places!!
I ended up on a date with stud from social services after pyschopathic ex said I neglected my son
Man walked in to check out complaint etc andlaughed when he saw us and put away his notebook and filed it under revenge callers..
We talked, got on, went out, had a ball... came to mutual end as I wasn't looking for a husband at that point..
The only friend I have single would be perfect she is fabulous lady, would spend him dry though... hence her singletonness now...

Jennyb851 Fri 02-Apr-04 17:48:01

you forgot the weirdos jampot, strange. dont you want them as well? ive got plenty spare weirdos

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