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If one of us dies, how would other Mumsnetters know?

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ks Wed 31-Mar-04 12:01:12

Message withdrawn

Twinkie Wed 31-Mar-04 12:05:10

If I don't post for a whole week please come looking for me!!

I will get DP to ring esbee if I pop my clogs!!

Oh and the nationial day of morning would be appreciated girls!!

And of course someone shuold take on the task of making x2bs life really shit in my absence!

M2T Wed 31-Mar-04 12:05:43

What a morbid thread!! I think most Mumsnetters know another Mumsnetter on a more personal level?

I haven't actually met any other Mumsnetters, but I email and text Breeze on a regular basis, so if the worst came to the worst then I'm sure she would let you all know.

I'll put it in my Will that Mumsnet MUST be informed should anything happen to me.

dinosaur Wed 31-Mar-04 12:06:31

my dying words to dh would be "kiss the kids for me...and post a message on mumsnet"!

spacemonkey Wed 31-Mar-04 12:07:16

Lou would tell you. And vice versa

kiwisbird Wed 31-Mar-04 12:07:58

Oh golly, I am sure my bereft DH would let on to folks after a while!
I must put it in my Things For You To Do When (if) I'm Gone Box

Northerner Wed 31-Mar-04 12:08:22

I don't know any MN'rs on a personal level. So I would just disapear and I bet you wouldn't even notice .................

SoupDragon Wed 31-Mar-04 12:08:44

Essbee's going to be busy as I'm relying on her to let you know if I fly off into the sunset. Unless she's finally cracked and finished me off, fed up with jokes about her Enormous Ar$e.

CountessDracula Wed 31-Mar-04 12:10:05

FFS ks!!!

Northerner I would notice

I hope Willow2 would tell you as she would wonder why I hadn't called.

mummysurfer Wed 31-Mar-04 12:12:07

snap, northerner.

Thomcat Wed 31-Mar-04 12:12:11

WHAT!!!!!!!!!! You nutter

LOL Dinosaur, perhaps we should all do that

WSM Wed 31-Mar-04 12:21:07

I would think that GeorginaA or Ailsa would let on eventually if I snuffed it.

SenoraPostrophe Wed 31-Mar-04 12:27:59

I was thinking this the other day.

I'm trying to get a will together at the moment. I'm tempted to put a clause in with my username instructing someone to write to Mumsnet (am I odd/morbid, or what? )

ks Wed 31-Mar-04 12:35:21

Message withdrawn

CountessDracula Wed 31-Mar-04 12:36:39

ks you are on a morbid one today - imagining the flowers at your own funeral! How is the house situation? Actually will revive that thread as not appropriate on here.

ks Wed 31-Mar-04 12:38:32

Message withdrawn

motherinferior Wed 31-Mar-04 12:39:27

I've wondered too. I *think* dp would email all the people in my contacts list, and I'm sure there are some MNers in there (checks) yes, bound to be.

In my more self-indulgent moments I have envisaged the 'I never met her, but oh how she changed my life' tributes at the funeral. But then I am the lady who's planned a lot of her funeral music...down to the 'leaving the funeral' music, when I want Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

ks Wed 31-Mar-04 12:41:14

Message withdrawn

charliecat Wed 31-Mar-04 12:42:24

Ive often wondered about this, when theres a ghastly death on the news i think that could be a mumsnetter, or mumsnetters dh...morbid or mad!

emmatmg Wed 31-Mar-04 12:46:31

Really LOL @ Dino.

Ditto northener and mummysurfer, DH would know how to post so if I suddenly go missing please assume the worst!

emmatmg Wed 31-Mar-04 12:54:18

Hang on.....I've got that wrong.........I doubt you'd notice if I'd gone so why would you assume the worst if you hadn't noticed........DH WOULDN'T know how to post to maybe I'll be a MN ghost lurker

fio2 Wed 31-Mar-04 13:18:21

I'm with Northerner and Mummysurfer too Im afraid, dh wouldnt post nor would he care to

Janstar Wed 31-Mar-04 13:19:23

I've also thought about this. Must leave instructions for dh. If I disappear and dh doesn't post, you can assume he has finally cracked and done me in!

ks Wed 31-Mar-04 13:22:14

Message withdrawn

Cod Wed 31-Mar-04 13:26:11

Message withdrawn

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