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Hire car & carseats question

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Crumpet Tue 30-Mar-04 22:54:17

Has anyone had experience of hiring a car abroad with carseats? We're going to Italy over Easter and want to hire a car, and are hoping to be able to borrow a carseat from a friend out there. But if logistics don't work out then we'll have to try and hire one with the car. Dd is 14 months - is there anything which I should be aware or beware) of? Thanks in advance!

GeorginaA Tue 30-Mar-04 22:58:35

We've hired cars with carseats (in Spain but international companies) for two years running and have found it a good way to do it. One thing to be aware of is that you need to fit it yourself - the hire company won't do it for you.

Also, you should check it very carefully for wear and tear before you move off (one we had - one of the plastic loops was broken - didn't effect the safety of the seat but did mean it could only be used on one side of the car).

tiredemma Wed 31-Mar-04 07:16:14

avis and hertz hire car seats, its approx 5euros a day

Hulababy Wed 31-Mar-04 08:44:09

We are hiring a car seat when we go to the US this summer. We did it through the car rental place. You pay per day for one. However, the rental places often say that they cannot guarantee a seat, although I haven't known anyone yet not get one. Check it thoroughly before you set off.

Azure Wed 31-Mar-04 10:00:18

We have hired car seats abroad a couple of times. As the others have said, check it carefully - I have often found that seats are grubby. We are off to the States soon and it would cost about £60 to hire one for the time we are there, and so we are thinking of taking our own out. My sister always takes her carseats with her.

Crumpet Wed 31-Mar-04 10:10:49

We'll be using one of the international hire companies, so will keep fingers crossed that availability/quality won't be too much of an issue. Thanks for all your replies.

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