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Check out this ridiculous email from Isla bikes!

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Al77 Wed 09-Jul-14 16:58:38

The mind boggles....

Dear Islabikes Customer,

You are receiving this email because you have bought a Cnoc bicycle from us. Please read the following warning carefully:

It has been brought to our attention that a younger sibling of a child owner of one of our bicycles has put his hand into moving parts whilst his older sibling was learning to ride, resulting in an injury.

Parents and carers are reminded that bicycles are not toys. Siblings and other children, as well as the rider, should be supervised whilst a child is learning to ride and riding is taking place. This warning particularly applies to the supervision of children, who are not sitting on or riding a bicycle, and who should be kept a safe distance from the rider and bicycle.

We draw your attention to the Special Notes for Parents. section in our current Cnoc owner’s manual, which carries safety advice.

Children using a Cnoc bicycle as intended, for the purpose of bicycle riding, are at no risk over and above the obvious inherent risks associated with bicycle riding.

If you are no longer the owner of the bicycle please pass this message on to the person who now has it.

Best regards,


Islabikes Ltd
01584 856 881

Al77 Wed 09-Jul-14 17:02:20

Dear Isla bike,

I would like to remind you that chainsaws should not be used to trim children's hair.


ScrambledSmegs Wed 09-Jul-14 17:05:00

I'm sorry, I don't understand why it's ridiculous? They've obviously been advised to send it for legal reasons.

Unfortunately it seems that a child was injured and the parents blamed Islabikes, there may be a civil claim etc ongoing. Therefore the company will have been legally advised to send out this email for the sake of clarity. I know it's something that really shouldn't need to be said, but sadly it looks like it does.

Purplerunner Wed 09-Jul-14 17:05:18

I got the email too, did snigger a bit while reading. But at the same time it is sad that they have obviously been advised legally to send this, to cover their arses should a similar accident happen again. Ridiculous that a parent would try and blame the cycle manufacturer for something like this!!

Isla bikes are great bikes.

CMOTDibbler Wed 09-Jul-14 17:05:40

You can't blame Islabikes - blame the parents who allowed the sibling to put their hand into the moving parts and then complained about it.

Islabikes are undoubtedly having to follow legal advice here

Purplerunner Wed 09-Jul-14 17:06:20

Cross post with Scrambled!

FFSFFS Wed 09-Jul-14 17:18:36

It is ridiculous confused

I'm amazed they sent it.

atticusclaw Wed 09-Jul-14 17:20:53

I got the same email but thought it was only ridiculous that a parent is obviously complaining that the bike is unsafe after allowing their child to put their hand between the spokes of a moving bike. ANY bike will be dangerous in that situation!

I'm a lawyer, I shouldn't be surprised…...

Schooltrip Wed 09-Jul-14 17:33:14

I know an adult who when racing in a sportive put his hand down to adjust his computer thingy on the spoke, while doing 20mph+ and chopped some of his fingers off!

Not just kids who can be daft.

atticusclaw Wed 09-Jul-14 17:37:56

presumably he didn't sue though schooltrip

Schooltrip Wed 09-Jul-14 17:44:17


ProcessYellowC Fri 11-Jul-14 22:18:26

ooh yes I got this, I meant to write them and commiserate that they had to send this and thank them for their very high quality product. In fact will get on it now smile

OutragedFromLeeds Fri 11-Jul-14 22:22:52

Are these the same parents that want a warning put on loom band packets?

Ridiculous! (Not the companies fault though).

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