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buktus Sun 10-Sep-06 21:39:16

I am considering a tummy tuck as i haved a big over hang, it is really uncomfortable trying to tuck into trousers and i can no longer wear knickers as it infects my cs scar, has anyone had it done before private or nhs do the nhs do it, i am 25 abd niserable about it, i am phoning my local clinic to find out about it tomorrow

buktus Sun 10-Sep-06 21:43:19


buktus Sun 10-Sep-06 21:50:26


kickassangel Sun 10-Sep-06 22:45:47

i thought tummy tucks were for tightening muscle & getting rid of excess skin. is this left over from pregnancy, or is it because you've put on wight?

phone a clinic & ask.

Skribble Sun 10-Sep-06 23:04:53

I think you need to get your scar healed first what ever you do. You might be able to get rid of the overhang through excercise, if scar is still raw it must be quite soon after your section.

Granny pants are what you need until your scar settles, big and high waisted from a proper granny shop. Once healed high waisted normal pants should sit on your overhang rather than rubbing under it.

Tummy tucks csn be done on the NHS but you will have to show you have made efforts to lose weight and excercise. I am left with a big overhang after my pregnancies. It would reduce a little if I lost enough weight but would still be quite big. I would love to get a tummy tuck but can't afford one and have never managed to lose enough weight to even think about asking for it on the NHS. Do discuss with your doctor and get advise on this.

buktus Mon 11-Sep-06 12:09:25

i have lost 4 stone and had 2 big babies and 1 average sized, the more weight i lose the more the skin is hanger lower to put it blunt it hangs to the top of my lady garden my local clinic is 180 for consultation and 6 thousand for the op just wondering to try and go down the nhs route

buktus Mon 11-Sep-06 12:11:57

my scar every now and then is infected due to no air reaching it, after my last baby they repaired the scar in case it was the actual incision causing it but it is still the same i get a lot of heat rashes there as well

buktus Mon 11-Sep-06 19:21:36

does anyone know how painful it is can it be compared to a c section

buktus Mon 11-Sep-06 20:56:35


theshrimp Mon 11-Sep-06 21:07:10

i had a tummy tuck back in February and it has been fab. it was very painful afterwards, much more painful than a c section.
How long since you last c section?
My Dh paid for mine. (that was painful for him!)

buktus Mon 11-Sep-06 21:11:34

had my third section 8 months ago now i was trying to tell myself it would prob be about the same pain wise, are you pleased with the results did you just have tummy tuck or did you have lipo as well and how much did yours cost did you research your surgeon great if you could help

buktus Mon 11-Sep-06 21:13:03

sorry for hundreds of questions

buktus Mon 11-Sep-06 21:19:18

the consultation is 180 and the op will be 6k

nikkie Mon 11-Sep-06 21:20:41

I got told I could have one on the nhs to 'fix' the overhang caused by my 2nd section.
Haven't had it as I want more kids!

buktus Mon 11-Sep-06 21:24:34

did they say how long it would take on the nhs, waiting time, i have def had my last baby now as i cant have any more so i can wait to look normal in jeans again

buktus Mon 11-Sep-06 21:30:00


longwaytogo Mon 11-Sep-06 21:44:45

I work on a ward that does abdo plasty on the NHS for a variety of reasons - huge weight loss, C sections.

Pain wise they come back from theatre with a PCA (morphine machine) and it is taken down the day after, up sitting in chair day after and up and about on day two. Yes painful but home on day three.

theshrimp Mon 11-Sep-06 22:10:41

It cost me £7500 but i had lipo on my thighs and hips too.
The worse pain was where they stitched my stomach muscles together where they had seperated. This hurt for months but it was only agony for the first couple of weeks. My DS was 5 so i was long past the picking him up stage but i couldn't push a shopping trolley for months! So watch it if you need to push a buggy!
I don't want to put you off as it was worth it but I needed a lot of help in the first few weeks.
I went to Mr Peter Arnstein at the Mcindoe centre in East Grinstead. (He has been on Extreme Makeover) He was wonderful and I received fantastic care! I was in for 2 nights and I was given strong painkillers to take home.
I feel a lot better now as all the excess skin has gone and i actually have abs now! The scar is still pretty red but it is fading.
good luck!

buktus Mon 11-Sep-06 22:30:10

thanks for the info worried about the buggy bit but i have wuite a high pain threshhold, i was back driving on the school run with 3 kids 9 days after it has been like that with all 3 of my sections but i am sure it will be worth it i dont know whether to have lipo or not i guess the surgeon will help me there the most important thing is not having handfuls of skin tucked under my jeans flies, cant wait

bubble99 Mon 11-Sep-06 22:34:11

I'm interested in this. Four pregnancies (one was a twin PG) have really taken their toll.

I'm 32 weeks PG at the moment, but I'll be looking into this.

Skribble Tue 12-Sep-06 00:28:54

I have only had two babies but the first was 11lb7oz and I have never been the same since.

Perhaps longwaytogo can answer this, Do you have to be within the regulation weight for height guides before GP will even think about refering you, simlilar to butkus mine only hangs more limply when I lose weight it doesn't go away. Dh thinks I just need to do sit ups but the skin seems to have no conection to any muscles and is kindof numb anyway.

longwaytogo Tue 12-Sep-06 13:29:58

The patients we have had have been I would say within height/weight ratio but am not certain. Anything has got to be worth an enquiry rather than paying £6-8,000 surely.

buktus Tue 12-Sep-06 16:45:46

my gp told me this morning he wouldnt know how to go about it he has never had to refer anyone before it would be better done privately - yeh like money grows on trees, it does look bad i have researched a bit on the net and some of these women dont even look like they need it very much, he said he will enquire and thats about it, dont know what else to do really

buktus Tue 12-Sep-06 16:46:31

i am 5ft 7 and 11st 5lbs i have lost 4 stone but the more i lose the baggier it all becomes

longwaytogo Tue 12-Sep-06 16:59:13

mmmm keep pushing the problem is that GP's aren't referring as they have to pay. Didn't realise this till I started working on ward but everytime they refer a patient for surgery they pay for that surgery. All the primary care trusts are up the swany basically and have nooo money so are unlikely to refer unless it really needs doing.

If you show you have done your part and the more weight you are loosing the worse it is becoming then you have a stronger case. Don't let them bully you into private. It is there on the NHS. Give the plastics secretary at hospital a ring she should be able to tell you if it is available, which consultant does it then you have info ready for GP, because Idoubt he is going to do it.

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