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PatsyJ Sat 09-Sep-06 15:24:14

We are doing our first car boot sale next weekend. Going to have a look at it this weekend to get some ideas. Have some great stuff to sell (some stuff still in packaging!) but just need to declutter.

Any advice from experienced car booters v welcome

One thing can't decide on is to price up stuff beforehand?

april74 Sat 09-Sep-06 20:47:46

good luck

Just be prepared for people to come and root through your stuff while its in the boot and while your putting it out, I found this very annoying. Just make sure you have plenty of change and lots of carrier bags.

Don't overprice stuff, and try to put prices on as some people don't like asking how much.

PatsyJ Sat 09-Sep-06 21:51:13

Thanks April. You get so much conflicting advice about pricing - some say yes price things up and some say oh no don't price as you can sometimes get better prices!! Am prepared and have bought some stickers so think we'll price stuff beforehand!

Everyone always tells me about the 'dealers' nosing round yr stuff when you are unloading. It will prob annoy me too! I guess they want a bargain that they can then sell on at a quick profit.

Someone told me to get out the car, lock it up, go off for to get a coffee, come back and then unpack the stuff. That way they'll hopefully be too busy to snoop! We'll see.

I'm quite looking forward to it - should be a laugh and hopefully a few pennies!

buktus Sat 09-Sep-06 21:56:12

nobody wants to give very much for baby stuff it is prob better to sell this sort of stuff at your local NCT sale

magicmummy Sat 09-Sep-06 22:03:23

Did a car boot sale last weekend and made £152.
Do them quite often and never price anything up. People will ask you how much if they're interested. Always start higher than what you want as you will always get asked to sell it cheaper. If you want £1 for something, ask for £1.50, they'll offer you 50p and you can meet in the middle at £1.00, you got what you really wanted and they think they've had a reduction and got a bargain.....everyones happy.
Also, do them a deal, everyone like a bargain. If your books are 50p each, do them 3 for £1.20 or something similar.
If you're selling something that you want a set price for, stick with it, if it looks like you're going to be taking it home with you, reduce it towards the end of the day.
Turn up early to get a good pitch, take loads of change, loads of plastic bags (they'll want them for their purchases), take a chair, a flask of something warm and some snacks and enjoy it...!!!

magicmummy Sat 09-Sep-06 22:04:02

By the way, where are you doing your car boot sale ?

PatsyJ Sat 09-Sep-06 22:16:54

buktus - it's not baby stuff - just general house stuff etc - am hopefully going to do an NCT sale soon for baby stuff

magicmummy - it's at Hemswell Cliff - Lincoln. There's one every Sunday apparently. DH wants to price stuff up - I'm undecided at the moment. Know what you mean about having a price in your head. Friend of mine did one recently and she didn't price up, people were asking her how much she wanted for something, weren't buying it, walking away and then coming back later and she was giving them a different price as she couldn't remember them or the price she'd already given!!! Unfortunately she tended to price higher the second time lol!

magicmummy Sat 09-Sep-06 23:19:47

Only done the one at Hemswell once....forgot the paste table, forgot to take bags, and it pissed it down with rain.....!!!! O what a day !!!

fussymummy Sat 09-Sep-06 23:41:20

I usually price most things, but not all.

One thing i found really great to do was, all the crappy items that you just want rid of and don't care how much you get for them, i put them in a big plastic storage box with a 50p each or 3 for £1.

You'll be amazed at how much you can make by doing that.

I tend to use lots of storage boxes as it's easier to transport and to sell from the box.

First boot sale i ever did, i had dealers opening the boxes in my car before i'd even taken them out of the boot.
I couldn't believe it.

They pissed me off big time so i told them where to get off.

They pay extra at most boot sales to get in early.

crunchie Sat 09-Sep-06 23:51:30

Biggest tip I can give you,


1st Car boot I did, I put the table in he boot first Nightmare unpacking to get to the table and trying to stop people nosing!!!

I also find having themed 'areas' helps me. eg toys on one table, household stuff another etc. You can make good money from household stiuff. I am going to do a sale next week

Skribble Sun 10-Sep-06 00:01:29

Take a friend / partner even if only while you set up. Helps to have one guard while one sets up.

Take change and always keep money on you not in a marg tub on the table.

Don't trust pasteing tables!!!!

Load up the night before, 6am in the dark is not the best time to fall out because half your boxes won't fit in and DH has just dropped the one with the china in.

Take chairs unless you have a estate, perching on the back of a ford escort for 5hrs is not fun.

Even if you don't price things do think about what sort of prices you are aiming for and discuss with whoever is helping you, means they don't sell your rare vase for 50p when you nip to the loo.

Haggle! Start with a high price you might just get it, if they look ready to walk away you can quickly go in with a lower price. To often I hav said how much and they have quickly agreed leaving me thinking they were ready to pay more.

Be prepared to cut prices as the day goes on.

Take some polythene sheeting or at least a few bin bags to cover tables during showers and to put on the ground under cardboard boxes.

I have used a parasol to keep stock and me dry, works quite well but you might need an extended pole so you don't poke people in the eyes. Fill base before you go as you won't get a chance to go off and fill it. Sit in directly behind the table. Keeps you and the stuff in the middle of the table dry.

Take Food and drinks as coffees from the catering vans soon add up and you can get quite chilly even at this time of year.

Skribble Sun 10-Sep-06 00:02:14

Nice one crunchie I forgot but will repeat TABLE IN LAST!!!! .

PatsyJ Sun 10-Sep-06 18:20:07

Thanks for all the tips - the table in last is a classic!!!

Been pricing stuff up today - got loads so hope to do OK! Everything seems to be £1 or 50p!!

magicmummy Sun 10-Sep-06 23:08:03

So how did the car boot sale go ?

PatsyJ Mon 11-Sep-06 09:54:19

MM - it's not until next weekend that we are selling. Just went this weekend to get an idea of selling/prices etc.

God it was like a jumble sale LOL! I just hope the weather is as nice next Sun as it was yesterday!

PatsyJ Tue 19-Sep-06 22:38:28

Hi - just thought I'd come back on here to let you know that we made £250!!! So we were well pleased with that!

Thanks for all the tips - it was hard work (preparation / early start / long day) but worth it - although we still came back with loads!!

cranberrymustard Wed 18-Jun-08 15:05:41

hello, im 16 and i am hoping to sell alot of junk that i have that i don't want . i dont really want to sell things for 50p etc, silly prices like that, but will people buy it if it is a little bit higher and it is worth it? also whats the best way to get people entrieged about the things you are selling? i am quite nervous because it's my first care boot sale and i am worried people are going to be nasty and pushy etc. help i need tips please

CostaRicanCod Sat 13-Sep-08 18:42:08


flossie64 Sat 13-Sep-08 18:57:14

If you want a good place to do a car boot near Lincoln, the one at Torskey is good and it is not a mornig start so you don't need to be there at 6amshock like Hemswell. HTH

bootboy Sat 19-Feb-11 19:18:40

ill bone 50p items tomorow for fun!!!!

carocaro Mon 29-Aug-11 16:37:12

I am doing one next Sunday and just have a load of branded, in bags, not used, unopened sportswear tops, t-shirts and jumpers, well know football person. Is a £5 per item too much for a car boot?

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