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Jo Jingles?

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nicm Mon 29-Mar-04 18:20:09


I was just wondering if anyone goes to this and what do you think? I was thinking of starting with a 1 year old, got the leaflets today but am not sure. Do you think this is worthwhile or do you think he is too young?


fio2 Mon 29-Mar-04 18:22:44

if you go to the one me and another mumsnetter go to the children are more interested in the fire extinguisher But seriously I liked it. DD was more interested in it than DS but it was good fun.

mckenzie Mon 29-Mar-04 18:54:32

I've never been myself but have heard very good things about Jo Jingles but as it's a franchise it's probably best to go and see the individual group. You should be allowed one trial session before you book for a course.

LadyP Mon 29-Mar-04 18:57:33

DS is 2.5 and his nursery provide a Jo Jingles session on Mondays. He absolutely loves it, but he has always loved music, singing and dancing from a very early age.

I'd say go along and see. It may be like Tumbletots where you don't have to pay for a 'taster' session. Good job too, as it was a little 'slow-paced' for DS (Tumbletots, that is)

Clayhead Mon 29-Mar-04 19:01:54

I take dd (27 months) and ds (7 months) to Rhythm Time, which I think is similar. dd loves it and has since she started at 1 year old. I would second mckenzie's suggestion to try it and see, classes vary due to the teacher and the other children.

nicm Tue 30-Mar-04 13:34:53

Thanks everyone.

I'll call the class leader and see if we can go for 1 session before we have to pay the full amount. I don't think i'd be too happy paying for the full term only to go the first day and not enjoy it.

Thanks again

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