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Computer boffins . . . . .Access Database Help Needed!!!

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Mum2Ela Mon 29-Mar-04 15:04:37

Ok, I have a Q and I hope someone can help.

I have forms set up in Access and the forms are linked to a query.

Is there a way I can attach single forms / or multiple ones to an e-mail message and e-mail the forms?

To put in context, the forms are student reports and I would like to e-mail particular forms to other departments in the University.

Thanks in advance!

(BTW, the only way I think it can be done is by capturing what is on the screen by pressing the 'print screen' button and pasting it into word).


SoupDragon Mon 29-Mar-04 15:24:34

If you right click on the report name, you can choose "save as/export" and export it to an external file/database. Click on the "file type" box and one of the options is to export it as rich text format so I assume someone without Access can read the file. Not sure what it would look like though!

I only have "reports" not "forms" so can't tell if it works on forms.


SoupDragon Mon 29-Mar-04 15:26:02

It seems to format "reports" just like the original.

Mum2Ela Mon 29-Mar-04 15:27:24

Thanks Soupy. Will have a go now.


Mum2Ela Mon 29-Mar-04 15:30:39

That doesn't work. It exports the data as a table - like a query would look like.

Thanks anyway.


SoupDragon Mon 29-Mar-04 15:40:19

Can you easily create a report instead? I've never used forms.

Mum2Ela Mon 29-Mar-04 15:54:01

Soupy I am not sure if the info would work in a report, which is meant to be a kind of statistical - tool where you revisit the 'report' to get updates. What I want to produce are individual student reports and then e-mail, say, pages 2, 7 and 14 to department X and pages, 1,3, 5,6,and 9 to department Y.

Though I have a 'mock' report and will give it a go. Thanks.


ks Mon 29-Mar-04 15:57:28

Message withdrawn

officerdibble Mon 29-Mar-04 16:10:05

what version of Access are you using?

In Office 2003 version you can save forms as reports (select a form and right click). The report produced looks like the form.

You would need to make a form for each student though, so don't know if this would be worthwhile.


Easy Mon 29-Mar-04 16:15:27

Does your data include the address to which each record is to be e-mailed?

if so, then in theory you could create a macro in basic to collect the data and e-mail it. The problem is that you are looking at transferring data between two seperate applications.

Are you using Outlook as your mail client?

I'm using a similar technique for the swap details, so I'll help if I can.

Is it urgent?

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