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Dear Newbies ... If you could possibly stop typing in text speak and bringing down the tone of the neighbourhood

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Twiglett Thu 07-Sep-06 18:36:18

we'd appreciate it

thank you

oh and by the way ... should have, could have, would have (not of)

Lainey6 Fri 08-Sep-06 00:37:54

That was a laugh wasnt it? See you really have to be totally stupid not to understand that?!?

Lainey6 Fri 08-Sep-06 00:58:22

I have been using this website for seven months and have found EXCELLANT advice on a variety of subjects. However, I find your statement to be very contrescending towards the newmembers of this site. If the 'newbies' as you so patronisingly put it, want to talk in text, then live & let live. I wish I had not came on to this thread because I feel infuriated by your childish comments. Dont even bother replying to me because I am so obviously beneath your level of stature within the MUMSNET website and I shall not return! LOL LOL LOL lol lol lol lol lol lol lol x x x

Twiglett Fri 08-Sep-06 08:42:32

oh good .. that's sorted then

dejags Fri 08-Sep-06 08:50:13

Text speak is awful. It is difficult to read, so much so that I rarely read a thread when it's used.

I can't even use text speak when I text somebody - it always sounds tacky.

Sorry but as you can see, I totally agree with Twig - I'll just say that it should apply to all users (newbies and oldies).

dejags Fri 08-Sep-06 08:51:11

ahem - I mean that the request not to use it, should be applied to all MN contributors.

mrs2shoes Fri 08-Sep-06 08:57:29

you are a stirrer

Freckle Fri 08-Sep-06 08:57:41

The difference between the Cambridge research and textspeak is that at least the research used all the letters. The point about textspeak is that it misses out a load and substitutes others.

Personally I just skip anything written in textspeak because I'm a sad old git who can't be bothered to spend 5 minutes translating something which should be read in 5 seconds. Textspeak was developed because of letter restrictions per text. That doesn't apply here (have you seen the length of some posts????) and I assume that everyone has a normal keyboard, so why not use it?

(Oh and I wish people would get the difference between of and off, while we're at it!).

ledodgyrobespierre Fri 08-Sep-06 08:59:05

I cnt B doin wiv txt spk meslf readin it takes 4eva & mkes me l8!

MrsBadger Fri 08-Sep-06 08:59:15

I was about to get curmudgeonly about this but a sudden wave of calm washed over me and I concluded that everyone should be allowed to post in any style they see fit.
However, everyone should also be allowed to read in any style they see fit, so people who post in text-speak or without sufficient line breaks or punctuation shouldn't be surprised if no-one reads their posts.

I'm now worrying this will create a two-tier MN though - text-speakers who only read other text-speak posts, and refuseniks who only read posts 'in clear'.

Will watch with interest.

Twiglett Fri 08-Sep-06 09:00:09

I am not .. we don't use text speak here because there's enough space to type out what you mean, unlike mobile phones, its difficult to read fluently and it makes communication vitually impossible .. its difficult enough to get the nuances without the added barrier of shorthand

Either that or I'm just contrescending (sic)

hunkermunker Fri 08-Sep-06 09:02:46

Twiglett, only read the OP, but am sure I agree with you the whole way up the thread

hunkermunker Fri 08-Sep-06 09:02:59


Twiglett Fri 08-Sep-06 09:04:10

interestingly I felt that Lainey6's posts were humorous and she was being ironic in her condemnation .. I may be totally wrong on that .. such is the nature of the written word

saadia Fri 08-Sep-06 09:04:21

Have to say that I agree there is no need for textspeak on MN. And I think it does in a way trivialise what is being said - I can't really take it seriously.

Twiglett Fri 08-Sep-06 09:04:27

dagyammit Hunker

batters Fri 08-Sep-06 09:04:40

lol at Cam .

Agree with MB .

JoolioTooterini Fri 08-Sep-06 09:05:22

I loathe textspeak in texts!

The English language is doomed!

Twiglett Fri 08-Sep-06 09:06:00

but aren't you a spanish / italian hybrid? why would it bother you?

JoolioTooterini Fri 08-Sep-06 09:07:09

must add though I don't give a scooby if that's what you want to do, you just won't catch me doing it!

expatinscotland Fri 08-Sep-06 09:07:32


Crshng snob
(Who doesn't own a mobile)

expatinscotland Fri 08-Sep-06 09:10:43

'Txtspk' is apparently sabotaging actual literacy these days.

There was an article in Tuesday's 'The Scotsman' about how businesses are having to offer remedial reading and writing classes to employees.

Sorry, but my 'live and let live' concept ends when Johnny just cannot f*cking write.

MrsFio Fri 08-Sep-06 09:12:24

my text function types proper english though, on my phone that is

ShowOfHands Fri 08-Sep-06 09:17:17

Ooh Twiglett, did somebody buy you a big spoon for your birthday then?

Beetroot Fri 08-Sep-06 09:20:26

I am with you Twigg.

It would be interesting though for people to explain why they do it..dontcha fink?

ShowOfHands Fri 08-Sep-06 09:21:28

And whilst I second the motion to ban text speak, I also wish to propose that discussion of anal sex is limited, perhaps allowed solely between the hours of 10pm and 11pm so I am not faced with it over my cornflakes (and if we could just put "warning filthy" in the subject heading of anything remotely sex related to cater for my prudish tendencies).

And can we ban posts in full capitalisation while we're having a revolution?

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