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quick thread, anyone still up & online?

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Dixie Tue 19-Mar-02 00:19:34

anyone there just for a chat?

Dixie Tue 19-Mar-02 00:20:29 posted a little while ago...still about?

Dixie Tue 19-Mar-02 00:27:35

oh, well I'm going to try & get some sleep now...probably be back in half an hour. Just can't drop off tonight...

SueDonim Tue 19-Mar-02 02:52:20

I'm here now, Dixie but off to bed again soon. Hope the sandman came for you.

Pupuce Tue 19-Mar-02 22:24:03

Today has been a quiet day on Mumsnet... where are you all ????

leese Tue 19-Mar-02 22:29:07

Pupuce - do you think people ae confused by the new homepage ie access to 'talk' no longer in left hand column? I thought at first my computer was just failing to display menu bar on left - only after some time did I realise the set up had changed, and could access 'talk' area from lower on homepage - not as clear as before though

Pupuce Tue 19-Mar-02 22:30:42

I hadn't noticed, I type in the direct URL... and always go to "find new messages" and decide how far back I am going....
I am going to check the home page now !!!!

Pupuce Tue 19-Mar-02 22:35:05

I have no left hand side menu at all....
TECH - is this normal ????? I am sure he is in bed so I'll contact Mumsnet....
Strange !

leese Tue 19-Mar-02 22:38:48

Pupuce - I have no left hand menu either, just a grey blank where all the info used to be. Scroll down the page tho', and you're invited to 'talk' as part of a new paragraph. Bit confusing, especially if you're used to just accessing via the left hand menu (like me!). No wonder it been quiet tonight!!

Dixie Wed 20-Mar-02 08:58:58

Just to let you know, I had NO LEFT MENU AT ALL and the only way I could access talk was to enter a 'discussion of the day' & then search for new messages after that. I did e-mail mumsnet but no response yet. I think others are having probs & confused too so been very quite.

P.s I couldn't even access it from bottom of page as you guys suggested? Still can't day after!

Dixie Wed 20-Mar-02 08:59:32

quiet rather!

Tetley Wed 20-Mar-02 09:08:54

And I thought it was just my computer throwiing a wobbly!

SueW Wed 20-Mar-02 09:46:48

I don't get a LH menu on the homepage either but don't notice much since Explorer is set to go straight to the talk search page when I open it (Sad addict that I am ). It's only when I want to go searching for other info that it's a pain. And sometimes I get it on the homepage but not on the next page that loads.

justiner Wed 20-Mar-02 10:09:35

Hello all,
As you've noticed we are having a tech problem with the left hand menu bar made considerably worse by the fact that Tech has removed himself to Mexico for two weeks. We hope to repair as soon as we can locate his hammock, somewhere in the Yucatan Peninsular. In the meantime the best way to access things from the home page is via the links in the text on the page. Many apologies for the inconvenience.
Justine, Carrie and Rachel

Rhubarb Wed 22-May-02 22:24:18

I'm bored and dh is out playing Squash, anyone fancy sharing a Stella with me?

Rhubarb Wed 22-May-02 22:31:48

Boo hoo, all alone in the world! Burp.

Rhubarb Wed 22-May-02 22:54:42


Rhubarb Wed 22-May-02 22:55:20

Ooh, I could start my own online pub. I'll have a pint of Guinness please landlord!

Tortington Wed 22-May-02 22:56:18

awwwww you sad sad limp piece of rhubarb! - but then i am up too! only i havent got a stalla - that makes me lumpy custardo

Rhubarb Wed 22-May-02 22:56:47

£2.50!!!! That's a rip! Where d'ya think I am, London? Cheers though!

Rhubarb Wed 22-May-02 22:58:08

You are barred for being drunk and disorderly Custardo! No Jessies in my pub thank you very much!

Rhubarb Wed 22-May-02 23:00:43

Ok Custardo here's a pint of shandy for ya!

susanmt Wed 22-May-02 23:03:51

I'm here!!!!!!!!!!!

Rhubarb Wed 22-May-02 23:05:59

Do you wanna drink too?

susanmt Wed 22-May-02 23:07:32

ooooh yes but not too much I'm bf

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