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Not a theory this time, just something about birthdays

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Posey Fri 26-Mar-04 20:13:51

Just wondered if you or your partner or children share your birthdays with anyone famous.

Dh was bored at work and found out these for us:

Me (10th November) - Richard Burton, Tim Rice and Roy Scheider
Dh (2nd June) - Tony Hadley, Johnny Weissmuller
Ds (29th December) - Jude Law, Ted Danson, Jon Voigt, Marianne Faithfull, Mary Tyler Moore
DD (26th June) - couldn't find anyone of interest but it is NATIONAL CHOCOLATE PUDDING DAY in the US

popsycal Fri 26-Mar-04 20:15:08

oooh how do you find out!!1

Posey Fri 26-Mar-04 20:23:21

I think he just put the date and birthdays into Google. He just sent me an email with them.

Hulababy Fri 26-Mar-04 20:35:35

DD (5th April) - Spencer Tracy, Bette Davis, Gregory Peck
Me (12th February) - Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin
DH (22nd July) - Danny Glover (actor)

Hulababy Fri 26-Mar-04 20:35:55

I used \link\this}

Hulababy Fri 26-Mar-04 20:37:17



popsycal Fri 26-Mar-04 20:38:57

me - salvador dali
ds - martin shgeen
dh - elizabeth taylor!

Janh Fri 26-Mar-04 20:58:21

It's a bit limited though - being American - it gives me just Dudley Moore and Tim Curry when I know I also get Sue Barker, Alan Price, Dickie Bird, Trevor Francis and (I think) Ruby Wax. (19/4)

DH - Edgar Rice Burroughs, Lily Tomlin and Gloria Estefan (1/9)
DD1 - Ali McGraw (1/4)
DD2 - Spencer Tracy, Bette Davis and Gregory Peck (and Hula's DD and someone else's too) (5/4)
DS1 - Julius Casar, Patrick Stewart and Mr Rubik's cube (13/7)
DS2 - Leonardo da Vinci and Sam Fox (what a combination!) (15/4)

eddm Fri 26-Mar-04 21:00:30

me - Ronald Reagan (gaaaaaah)
dh - Charles Dickens
ds – Nelson Mandela!

Hulababy Fri 26-Mar-04 21:02:37

I know it is limiting (onl has some UK celebs on it) but can't find a UK one!

Janh Fri 26-Mar-04 21:03:17

This site has loads more (never heard of most of them, mind!)

Janh Fri 26-Mar-04 21:04:12

Tell you what though, Hula, I'm *amazed* that it has Sam Fox on - how'd they know about her???

Hulababy Fri 26-Mar-04 21:10:15

Try this one. Seems to have lots of celebs listed - over 71 for my birthday! Not heard of majority of them though!

Or this one. This one is a UK site.

sammac Fri 26-Mar-04 21:19:41

me dec 18- Brad Pitt, Keith Richards. Steven Speiberg, Christina Aguileraaaaaaaa

dh sep 30- Johnny Mathis

dd dec 22- gibb brother beegees

ds nov 30- winston churchill

tallulah Fri 26-Mar-04 21:54:56

We have Royal connections... DD shares Prince Andrew's birthday, & DS1 & 2 were born on Prince Harry's birthday (different years).

DS3 spoiled the pattern

fairydust Fri 26-Mar-04 22:10:55

dd was born on the same day and year (18th March 2002)as Jamie Olivers first daughter

eidsvold Sat 27-Mar-04 09:24:23

me - Jim Henson, Linda McCartney, F. Scott Fitzgerald,

dh - Bryan Brown ( my favourite aussie actor )Johannes Gutenberg!!

dd - Yves St Laurent, Carl Lewis, Pamela Anderson, Coolio

wobblyknicks Sat 27-Mar-04 10:19:14

Me - 23rd July - really depressing, share mine with Woody Harrelson and Monica Lewinsky!! Share my exact birthday (1982) with Gerald Wallace (a basketball player) and Paul Wasilewski (a quite good looking American actor).

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