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what made up songs do you sing to your kids??

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Coddy Fri 26-Mar-04 10:43:00

when my nephew was tiny, BIL used to sing -

to the tune of "Dont cry for me argentinA"

"DOnt cry for me Thomas Surname,
the truth is theres nothing wrong with you
so stop your wailing and your complaining
theres nothing to it , so why do it?"

ANy that you lot made up?

Coddy Fri 26-Mar-04 10:45:49

I alos have a power rangers one I sing to mine but its so naff even they cringe as i prance around singin it

kst101 Fri 26-Mar-04 10:48:23

I sing

"Benjamin, Benjamin, he's my baby
Benjamin, Benjamin, I don't mean maybe
Benjamin, Benjamin, Mummy's baby
Benjamin, Benjamin, he's my love"

not to any particular tune, but he seems to like it!

Coddy Fri 26-Mar-04 10:49:22

no you copied that from me !!

katzguk Fri 26-Mar-04 10:50:24

we sing the same thing as you except its

don't dry for me phoebebabeebe

ect ect

plus we have one which goes

splishty splashity splosh
Phoebe's having a wash
splishty splashity splish
Phoebe thinks shes a fish
she splishes and splashes
and wishes and washes
Splishity splashity splosh!!!

obviously a bath song

Coddy Fri 26-Mar-04 10:50:54


kst101 Fri 26-Mar-04 10:51:55

And there was me thinking I was going to earn millions from my amazing song. Bother. Will have to go back to work one day instead

katzguk Fri 26-Mar-04 10:53:01

if your DS loves it then it's all worth it

WideWebWitch Fri 26-Mar-04 10:58:56

Chip, chip chip chip Chippenham,
Lay a little Chip for me
Chip, chip chip chip Chippenham,
Lay a little egg for me tea
We sing this on the way to my mum's in Chippenham - to the tune of chick, chick, chick, chick, chicken

And a recent one, to a silly made up tune
My name is <my name>
and I'm an amber gambler, amber gambler, amber gambler
My name is <my name>
and I'm an amber gambler, amber gambler, amber gambler
Amber Gambler I am
This one while driving and making it through amber lights in town.

I also sing the song that the wolf sings in the 3 little pigs short film at the end of Dumbo (I think it's Dumbo, anyone know?) when he's sitting on a rock and being a siren, lalalalaaaaa, that one, to dd and she giggles.

Coddy Fri 26-Mar-04 10:59:30

amber gambler!


Natt Fri 26-Mar-04 11:00:20

We do "yes sir, j's mummy's baby" as well - particularly comforting just after his brother was born!

marthamoo Fri 26-Mar-04 11:01:38

Hair washing song: (to tune of "gonna wash that man" from South Pacific)

Gonna wash those bubbles right out of your hair,
Gonna wash those bubbles right out of your hair,
Gonna wash those bubbles right out of your hair
And send them down the drain.

Tooth brushing song (tune of row row row your boat)

Brush brush brush your teeth
Brush them every day
Or they will all drop out
And you'll be sad that day

Nappy song (to Nancy Sinatra's Kinky Boots)

Everybody's talkin' 'bout your stinky bum
Stinky bum, stinky bum
(bum bum)

And when I was pregnant used to sing to the bump (to tune of "we're having a heatwave" )

I'm having a baby,
A tropical baby,
The temperature's rising, it's really surprising
I know that I can
Can can.

We sing a lot in our house

forestfly Fri 26-Mar-04 11:04:20

Its your fault your daddy left
i used to be his wife
My boobs are hanging round my waist
you've ruined my whole life

Coddy Fri 26-Mar-04 11:05:04


katzguk Fri 26-Mar-04 11:05:36

glad i'm not th eonly bonkers one.

Actually its her Daddy who sings more silly songs, anyones elses DH/DP who sing more?

katierocket Fri 26-Mar-04 11:05:40


Rocket man Rocket man
flys his rocket whenever he can
flys it high in the sky
like his dad he's pretty fly (!)

Look out! here comes the rocket maaaan

Coddy Fri 26-Mar-04 11:06:05

ditto kinky boots

But stinky pants is ours

ks Fri 26-Mar-04 11:15:14

Message withdrawn

twiglett Fri 26-Mar-04 11:26:43

message withdrawn

prufrock Fri 26-Mar-04 11:48:40

Go to sleep
Go to sleep
Close your sweet little blue eyes
Go to sleep
Go to sleep
Go to sleep Cesca-bunny

To the tune of Edelweiss. I was sure it was a song I had made up for dd, until my Dad heard me singing it - apparently he had sung the same song to me to get me to sleep - it must have become lodged in my subconcious. (It made him cry)

Marina Fri 26-Mar-04 13:45:09

XXXX you're a big boy, playing in the garden,
Rolling on the floor all covered in mud
Dirt on your face, big disgrace,
Trailing your crud all over the place...
WE will WE will wash you!
WE will WE will scrub you!
Has to be accompanied by volley of rhythmic thumps on sides of bath, and these days, ds on air guitar now that he is old enough to appreciate the majesty of vintage Queen.
Show tunes also a rich source of excreta-related nappy songs, LOL at yours marthamoo

katzguk Fri 26-Mar-04 13:47:36

thats a cool song will have to steal it for my DD she loves songs at bath time

popsycal Fri 26-Mar-04 13:53:52

a burping song from being tiny:

where is mr windy hiding?
where has he gone now?
come on mr windy
pop out and take a bow

another one - to accompanying the shaking of a baa-ing sheep

mr sheep he likes to sleep
he also likes to dance and leap
di de di de di de di de di de di de di


Cod Fri 26-Mar-04 13:55:28

Message withdrawn

bobsmum Fri 26-Mar-04 13:56:06

What's the pong in Robert's nappy?
Is it a great big poo?
What's the pong in Robert's nappy?
Chucking it down the loo...

(Balamory tune)

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