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Arrrgghhh ... I broke the laptop

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twiglett Fri 26-Mar-04 08:51:24

message withdrawn

Hulababy Fri 26-Mar-04 09:21:02

Oh no Don't suppose it was insured?

prettycandles Fri 26-Mar-04 14:42:33

Household contents insurance?

Lucky about the ice-cream.

Blu Fri 26-Mar-04 15:26:29

oooh, BAD LUCK Twiglett, fingers crossed for a speedy (and cheap) repair. My colleague dropped his in the gutter, and it was fixed ok.

Demented Fri 26-Mar-04 16:04:09

Nightmare, second the home insurance option. The day we moved house DH's computer took a topple and as we had accidental damage cover there was no problem, got a nice new one in it's place.

SofiaAmes Sat 27-Mar-04 14:34:43

third on the household contents insurance. My dh spilled water on my laptop while changing dd the day after I got home from hospital after having her. I had just transferred all the digital photos onto it. The household insurance paid for the repair. It turned out to be a minor thing, but they would have paid to replace it with a new one if that had been necessary.

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